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I am what I am (personal character analysis)
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Me? Maybe…

You ask who I am. I ask myself who I am. So who am I really? I can’t tell you who I am. Even you can’t tell me who I am. You can just tell me who you think I am. So I’m asking who can tell me what I am? Nobody. Just listen to my opinion and don’t judge me. I am what I am.

I am a granddaughter, a daughter, a sister, a friend. I am whoever you consider me to be. I am no one special, just a common girl with common thoughts. People say that I am a cynical, egoistic bastard. Sometimes too frank, sometimes too fool, sometimes too smart. I admit, I have to agree. But do you know what? People don’t change. They want to, they need to, but they don’t. And this is what I believe in. Fool? Cliché? Maybe. But this is my truth, I have learned how to live with that, learned to like, to love myself, to love my real face, to love what I am. Just when you love yourself you can frankly love others.

How could you give love to somebody when you don’t have enough for yourself? You could not. So I love myself the way I am. I could be a better person, I could. But what is better? Anyway, wanting to be someone else is just a waste of the person you are. Someone in this world can’t live without a person like you are, don’t take him this opportunity to have this person by their side. Don’t change, learn to love yourself. That is my motto and that is the way I live. I don’t want to become someone else, although there are people who I admire. I do not have idols, I do not have patterns of behavior, I do not have the rules, I do not even try to have them. There is a place for your real face to come, for your natural intelligence, for the foolish genius inside of you, for the magic charm of your personality.

Strive to be yourself as I do. His is the way I think and live. But don’t believe that this is me. It is my opinion, my point of view, my judgment, my belief, my attitude. This could be an inspiration. An inspiration how to live, or how not to live. And you, you have to create your own path, be yourself and strive to make a difference. You never know who will fall in love with that cynical bastard inside of you.
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