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Michael Schumacher životopis
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Michael Schumacher was born on 3rd January 1969 in western Germany ( in Kerpen ). In 1990, Michael Schumacher became the Mercedes-Benz team driver in the Sports Car World Championship and the German Formula 3 Champion.
In the 1991, at the Belgium Grand Prix, Schumacher made his debut as a replacement driver in the Formula 1 Jordan team. In 1992 he won his first Grand Prix, in Spa-Francorchamps ( Belgium ), in Benetton-Ford. After 3rd place in the World championship of 1992 and 4th place in 1993, he won the World Title in 1994 and in 1995, in Benetton-Renault.
After 4 and half year in Benetton, Michael Schumacher signed a contract with Ferrari, with the objective of bringing the World Championship Title once again back to Maranello. In 1997 he finished at 2nd place and in 1998 too.
The season 1999 was tragic for him. At Silverstone he suffered the first serious accident of his career ( double fracture of his right leg ). He finished at 5th place. He won the World Championship Title in the season 2000, in Ferrari.
For many people, Michael Schumacher has been the best driver in Formula 1 since 1994. He won 45 Grand Prix. He is ambitious, self-disciplined and he is respected by friends ( Gabriel Batistuta ) and rivals. In 1995 Schumacher get married with his girlfriend Corrina. He has one daughter Gina-Maria and one son Mick. They live in Switzerland. In his pare time Michael plays football as a striker for FC Aubonne.
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