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Multicultural society in Slovakia
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Multicultural society – Slovakia

Multicultural society is society, where people of different races, nationalities, cultures and traditions live next to each other with respect.

Since 1989 Slovakia has become a country open to people from other countries. There is over half a million Hungarians or smaller groups like the Ruthenians [Rusíni]. One minority without a territory are the Romans. They came from India, are good at dancing, fortune-telling or music. In the past they often earned money as entertainers. They start families very young and have children very early. The government tries to helps them: gives them housing estates, built settlements and the Rom partipate when the houses built. They get some social benefits. Their livings are known as very dirty and messy.

A new phenomenon has appeared in Slovak traditions. More and more women get married to men of different religion and colour. Their children have one big advantage. They had grown in bilingual families and were taught in two languages. So then, their ability to learn other foreign language is easier for them. They can also find a well paid job in the future, because good language skills are very important nowadays. They are also well prepared to live in multicultural society because they were raised at least in two cultures.
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