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My grandfather description
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My Grandfather (description)

My grandfather is already a sixty-five-year old man, but he is still in a good condition.

Being a hard working person doesn't let his body to became overweight and clumsy like a majority of others at his age. He likes to work in a garden all day long, which is rather exhausting activity.

Despite his healty appearance, he is suffering from a serious disease, which doesn't let him do all the things he would like to, but his strong will and determination didn't allowed him to turn into a couch-potato.

Even at this age, his hair didn't start to grizzle. They are still quite brown, but not as dense they used to be. It doesn't make him nervous of becoming bold, however. He has absolutely no problem with that.

Another interesting way of spending his spare-time is reading. He likes to read everything, including poetry, historic novels and romans but books about the life of emperors in the 19th century are his most favourite. His tidy, brown eyes, however, can't already recognise the letters properly, so he needs a glasses.

I have a wonderfull relationship with my opa and hope, that he will win his fight and live with us for many, many years.

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