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The Slovak republic is situated in the heart of Europe. Slovakia borders on the Czech republic (240 km), Poland (579 km), Ukraine (98 km), Hungaria (678 km) and Austria (107 km). Slovakia has the longest border with Hungary and the shortest one has with Ukraine.

Slovakia is a small country in the middle of Europe with the area of 49 035 square kilometers. This country has a population of 5, 5 million. The official language is Slovak, but in this country you can also speak in other languages: English, German, Czech and Hungarian.

Bratislava is the biggest city and is the capital city of Slovakia. Ivan Gasparovic is the president of Slovak republic and his residence is in the capital city. The next bigger towns are Kosice, Presov, Banska Bystrica, Zilina, Nitra, Trnava and Trencin.
There are three lowlands Podunajska lowland, Zahorska lowland and Vychodoslovenska lowland. Across the Podunajska lowland follows the river Danube. The next popular rivers are Vah (longest), Hron, Nitra, Ipel.

Slovakia is a mountainous country. The most beautiful mountains are the High Tatras, which have the highest peak Gerlach. Gerlach is 2 655 meters high. High Tatras are the most popular center of tourism. There are many wonderful tourist paths for summer recreation and ski resorts for winter sports.

Slovakia has many sightseeing monument: Spis castle (the biggest in middle Europe), Bratislava castle, Bojnice castle, Orava castle.

Slovakia has many theaters: Slovak National Theater, Andrej Bagar Theater and P.O. Hviezdoslav Theater.
Slovakia has many thermal spas: thermal spas Trencianske Teplice, Bardejov thermal spas and Bojnice thermal spas.
There are many supplies of mineral water in our country. The most popular are Budis, Rajec and Korytnica.

Slovakia is a beautiful and unique country. We love this country because there are not wars, tornadoes and there is beautiful nature. Slovakia, little big country.

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