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A report

The pearl on the Danube is called our capital - Bratislava. The aim of this report is to clarify advantages, disadvantages and sightseeing of Bratislava. It´s a beautiful city situated in the south-west part of Slovakia. The history of the city is very rich and it dates back to the fifth century. At that time the first Slovanic tribes arrived into this locality.
On the one hand is Bratislava a small city. On the other hand tourists think it is cheap. Accommodation can be cheap or expensive. The luxuriest hotel is Carlton. It is very expensive and services are on the highest grade. But students often accommodate in hostels or in the summer in colleges and this accommodation is very cheap and available for everyone.
There are many places to eat in Bratislava. You can go to the fast food restaurants like McDonald or Kfc, to the special restaurants like Chinese, Indian, Hungarian or Slovak or to the luxury restaurants in old town. The traditional restaurant and club in one is Slovak pub. You can eat here Slovak national meals or just drink some kofola or beer.

Public transport doesn’t cost many crowns. Also, you can buy daylong tickets. It is valid in whole city plus on all transport means.
In Bratislava are many historical sightseeings. The Bratislava castle is the dominant of Bratislava. The castle houses are the reception rooms of the Slovak National Council and Government. There are also held exhibitions of the Slovak National Museum. The permanent and temporally one shows various archaeological and historical exposits. Devin castle is the symbol of Slovak mutuality. There are also a lot of palaces in Bratislava, for example Grassalkovich palace which is the residence of the president today. Another historical building is the Old Town Hall from 13th century. Today it serves as the museum housing. The next museums are: The Slovak National Museum, The Municipal Museum and The City Museum. Bratislava has also a lot of churches and the best-known one is St. Martin's Cathedral, that was built in 13th century in gothic style.

You can also say:"Bratislava is the student's city." Yes, a lot of young people (including me) dream about the studies in Bratislava. There are many universities, covering almost the whole sphere of recquired high education.
One of the reasons, why Bratislava is a dream town for so many young people, is the opportunity for entertainment. The night life is excellent. There are many discos (Randal for metal fans, Dopler for hip-hop fans and Charlie centrum for everybody) or cinemas (Tatra, Hviezda, Palace cinemas...). There are some clubs too. The most of them are in Obchodna street and in the historical centre (this two places are shooping centers too). You can go to visit some theatre (SND contianing The Small Stage, The New Stage, The Studio of the New Stage, The Studio S, The Slovak Philharmonie and the Concert Hall of B.).
But you can visit nothing and only walk through the beautiful lanes bordered with burgerhouses and stop for a while in some poetic corner.

Tourists might find some things disappointing. There are large, modern housing estates with horrible architecture on their places. The best (sadly) known one is Petrzalka. It's a concrete jungle but a lot of young couples found their place for living there. So walking around you see nothing but small children. They have no place for playing so they play in the holes forgotten by constructers, among the cars or they only fool around.
Many people are afraid of being out in the dark. In addition, in Bratislava are many pickpockets.
To sum up, Bratislava is the best place to entertain for little money, but it is necessary to take care of ur money and in the night of yourself.

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