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People have much reason for travelling. They travel during their holiday. There are a lot of places in the world, which you can see. Anybody was everywhere, because there is really very much places to see in the world. Nobody can saw everything. There are nice places in Slovakia. We have a lot of castles, ancient churches and manor houses. We have beautiful castles like Trenciansky castle, Sarissky castle, Bratislavsky castle or Spissky castle. We have pretty caves like Demänovska cave, Dobsinska icy cave or Ochtinska aragonite cave. If you like mountains, you can visit the Low Tatras, The Giant Fatra, the Little Fatra, and the Muran Plain, the Slovak paradise with beautiful valleys and caves or Slovak Karst. There are amazing falls or beautiful rivers and lakes. A lot of strangers were in our Tatras. Lots of Slovaks say that the Tatras are the most beautiful mountains in the world. A lot of people return to Tatras every year for holydays. But people travelling better to the countries with sea because on Slovak is not any sea. People from Slovakia traveling to Croatia and Greece very often because is not very expensive holiday. Today is travelling on very big rank. People can travel on all countries on the world.

Air travel is the fastest, the most comfortable and the most economical means of transportation. Many people go on holiday by plane. Sometimes an airline ticket is expensive.

Going by train is less comfortable and not as fast as a plane, so not so many people go on holiday by train than by plane. But sitting in the train is more comfortable than driving. There are special offers for young people and families. There are stations in nearly every town.

Travelling by car is very comfortable and also fast. Modern cars have soft seats and a lot of space for legs. Travelling by car has many advantages. You can stop, where and when you want.
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