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What does the flag of The United States of America mean to me?

We live in the age of freedom of speech, attitudes and opinions. We are not forced to follow the crowds and agree with the rest of the society to be part of it. We are confident people, capable of making our own choices and being responsible for the consequences. To live this way is more than expected.

The flag of The United States of America is a symbol of freedom, justice, strength, and courage for the millions of people living in The United States. I understand it and I respect it. It symbolizes the power, endurance, and independence of a country and also reminds the whole nation of its strong history. But I cannot and I never will be a part of it.

I was born in the heart of Europe and I am the part of the European culture. However, I do respect the flag of the United States of America, and I know it means a lot to almost every person in this country, I cannot be an American patriot. I have spent my whole life in Europe, long enough to fell in love with this culture. I cannot say it is better because it is not, it is equal but it is also very different. It became a part of my heart, part of me, and my home; the place that will always welcome me with wide opened arms.

My stay in The United States of America helped me realize the importance and meaning of my country-Slovakia to me. It helped me understand the intensity of the commitment of the American nation to its flag. I respect it, I understand it but I follow my own choices and decisions, and I appreciate the today’s possibility and acceptance of having personal opinions without any other people judging me.
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