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Four seasons
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Four seasons

A year has 12 months, 52 weeks and 365 days. Every fourth year has February 29 days. This year is called a leap-year. During a year exchanges four seasons. Spring, summer, autumn and winter. Spring is a beautiful season. Many people think it is the most beautiful season of all. The trees blossom and forest animals wake up from a winter sleep. All the landscape turns green and the days get longer. There are flowers in the meadows and in the gardens. Plants, trees and grass are green. Birds and beetles start flying around and small animals are born.
In spring the weather gets warmer. In March, however, there is not much sunshine and often rains. In April the weather is still changeable. The sky is cloudless and suddenly becomes overcast and icy winds begin blowing. It looks like rain and after a while it is raining cats and dogs. Rain turns sleeting. A few minutes later it is hailing. It lasts only a short while and it clears up again. There is a rainbow in the sky. People take off their raincoats and close their umbrellas. In the streets there are puddles and a lot of mud. After spring comes summer. Summer is the warmest season of the year. The temperature is mostly high above zero. It is not very rainy, therefore it is dry and there are sunny days. The days are longer and nights shorter than in winter. In the morning it is often misty but the fog is falling during the day and sun is shining. Suddenly a storm often comes in summer. It is usually windy before a storm and it is sultry. The sky is dark and it is thundering and we can see lightning. Usually the rain is heavy but short. Most people like the summer time. They can go to the seaside to spend their holidays. Some of them like staying in a tent and others going to their weekend/houses. Children needn’t go to school. Fruits ripen, the fields are yellow and at the end of the summer there is a harvest.

Autumn is a season full of colours. The leaves get yellow, red and brown and fall down. The days are shorter and nights longer than in summer. the weather gets colder and it is usually cloudy and foggy. There are showers or heavy rains. It is often misty all day. People gather fruits and vegetables in their gardens. Children enjoy flying a kite.

Winter is the coldest season of a year. When the temperature is below zero. everybody is freezing. There is a lot of snow in the mountains. The trees are bare and the whole landscape is covered with snow.
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