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Letter of Intent form for senior project
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7 November 2008

P. O. Box 1234
Tuolumne, CA 95379

Ms. Brianna Willis
Summerville High School
17555 Tuolumne Road
Tuolumne, CA 95379

Dear Ms. Willis:

For my senior project, I have chosen to become a member of American Red Cross organization. Helping people in crisis, children without families, and socially weak families is an important factor to make their lives better and improve myself as a strong personality. I enjoy working with all groups of people. I like being around small children, homeless, retarded, and elderly people in order to make things better. An ability to improve somebody’s life makes me feel a better person.

My senior research paper will give the answers to the following questions: How does the Red Cross help people all around the world? How does this organization impact society? How does it influence me and my attitudes by being part of it? How can I and other young people make a difference and improve somebody’s life by giving away a while of our time? I will do the research at the Summerville High School Library, The Tuolumne County Library ad over the Internet. I will also do the research in the local Red Cross office and interview the people who have given their lives to the purpose of the organization and also people whose lives had changed due to effort of the Red Cross.

I plan to attend the classes at the local Red Cross office specialized for all the kinds of providing help and officially become a volunteer. There are six basic classes: Introduction to Disaster Services, Mass Care, Shelter Operations, Family Assistance, Serving in Diversity, and CPR/First Aid, total of 25 hours. After gaining the CPR certificate, I will be able to work outside, be present in any emergency situations such as fires or earthquakes. There will be no expense in my project, since volunteering is my own will to help. My mentor will be Mrs. Cathy Peacock from the local Red Cross office in the Junction shopping centre at Tuolumne Road.

In my final presentation I will tell the judges experience I gained and goals I achieved. I will bring some of the pictures of me helping people and certificates I acquired. I believe that this project will provide me an unrepeatable experience and feeling of improving someone’s life and helping the community. Although I am just one small person, I can make a difference, and I hope that also my project will lead other people to try and make a change.


Sasha Lengova, Junior Exchange student

Kriste Reinhard, Host Mother
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