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2.the First conditional (future real conditional)
•To talk about possible future events which depend on other future events:
If you read this report, you will understand our economic situation much better.

Form : If/When + Present simple , Future simple
If - suggests you don´t know if sth will happen or not
When – sth will definitely happen at some point, we are simply waiting for it to occur

•To describe what you think you will do in a specific situation in the future
•To give advice or an order, and to make a suggestion or a request:
If you want to make a good impression, remember to smile and make eye contact.

3.the Second conditional (present/future unreal conditional)
•To describe dreams, unrealistic goals, or other hypothetical situations now or later
•To talk about imagined events in the future, which are impossible or unlikely:
If Iwent on ´Who wants to ba a Millionaire?´ I´d win a lot of money.

•To talk about impossible present situations:
If people had more common sense, there wouldn´t be any wars in the world.

•To give advice:
If i were you, i wouldn´t break uo with him.
If he was/were a French, he would live in Paris.

Form : If + Past simple , would + verb .......presen/past unreal c.
If + Past tenses , would be + present participle.......past unreal c.- to indicate a plan in the future
If + were going to + verb , would be + present participle......past unreal c.- to talk about imagining in the future , to emphasize that the conditional form is a plan/prediction in the same way like ´be going to´

4.the Third conditional (past unreal conditional)
•To talk about unreal situations in the past, to imagine things that did not happen:
If we´d been driving faster, we wouldn´t crashed on that slippery road

•You can describe what you would have done differently or how sth could have happened differently if circumstances had been different
If I owned a car, I would have driven to work.
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