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Mixed conditionals

•To talk about past events that could have some consequences in the present:

Form : If + Past Perfect , would + infinitive without ´to´
(as in 3rd cond.) (as in 2nd cond.)
You wouldn´t earn so much money if you hadn´t gone to university.
(Nezarábal by si toľko peňazí, keby si nebol nechodil na vysokú školu.)

•To talk about unreal present situations, usually imaginary states, which could have had some consequences in the past:

Form : If + Past Simple, would + perfect infinitive
(as in 2nd cond.) (as in 3rd cond.)
If he had a car, he wouldn´t have gone by train.
(Keby mal auto, nebol by šiel vlakom.)

Basic conditional types

1.the Zero conditional (present/past real conditional)
•To talk about what you normally do in real-life situations, to describe situations where one event always results in the other, habits, can be used for any cause-effect truth

Form : If/When(ever) + Present simple , Present simple
When i go to bed late, i feel very tired the next day.
If you heat water, it evaporates more quickly.

•To describe what you used to do in particular real-life situation, it suggest that your habits have changed and you don´t usually do these things today

Form : If/When(ever) + Past simple , Past simple
If it rained, we had/used to have PE in the gym.
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