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Camp Rock (film)
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•Shane Gray (Joe Jonas) Shane is the famous lead singer of the band "Connect 3." He is sent to Camp Rock, in hopes that it would help him, and get rid of his cocky and arrogant attitude. At the camp, he hears a terrific voice, and spends most of his time trying to find the girl who sang (who is really Mitchie.) Later, he meets Mitchie, and they become friends, until her secret is revealed.

•Tess Tyler (Meaghan Jette Martin) Tess is the daughter of the famous T.J. Tyler, and one day wishes to be a singer, like her mother. She is a diva, and often gets her way, even if she has to hurt people. She craves attention, mostly because her mom was often too busy with her own career to care for her.

•Caitlyn Geller (Alyson Stoner) Caitlyn is Mitchie's best friend at camp, and is one of the few people who stick by her side when Tess reveals Mitchie's secret. She wants to be a music producer, and is often seen composing music on her laptop.

•Ella (Anna Maria Perez de Tagle) She is Tess' so-called friend, and is a little air-headed and is often seen as the "dumb" girl. Ella abandons Tess when she pushes her too far, and instead sings with Barron and Sander at Final Jam, revealing herself to be a good singer.

•Peggy "Margaret Dupree" Warburton (Jasmine Richards) Peggy is Tess' other "friend", and often follows Tess, even when her own opinion is different. In the end, she finally rebels, and sings on her own at Final Jam, winning the contest, and surprising everyone with her terrific voice.

•Connie Torres (Maria Canals Barrera) Connie is Mitchie's mom, and also runs a family catering service called "Connie's Catering." Mitchie was, at first, embarrassed that her mother was the Camp Cook.

•Barron James (Jordan "J-Man" Francis) Barron is a great break-dancer, and is best friends with Sander. He also raps, and sings at Final Jam with Sander, and Ella. He is one of the few that stuck with Mitchie.

•Sander Loya (Roshon Fegan) Sander is also a dancer, and also likes to rap. His best friend is Barron, and the two sang at Final Jam with Ella. He was also one of the few that stayed by Mitchie's side.

•Lola Scott (Aaryn Doyle) Lola is an awesome singer, and sometimes raps. She is great friends with Caitlyn, and even though she is an amazing singer, she was not seen performing at Final Jam. She also stuck with Mitchie when her secret was revealed.

•Brown Cessario (Daniel Fathers) Brown is Shane's uncle, and also runs Camp Rock. He also said he was the guitarist of a band called the "Wet Crows."
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