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The Picture Of Dorian Gray
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The Picture Of Dorian Gray

Basil Hallward was a very successful artist and painted a portrait of Dorian Gray. He was very handsome young man. When Dorian with admirer of this Picture called Lord Henry went inside to see portrait, Dorian said: I would love to stay young forever and for the Picture to grow old instead.

He was falling in love with his own picture. A few weeks later falling in love with seventeen years old and beautiful Sybil Vane. She called him Prince Charming and he wanted to marry with her; however her Brother, sailor wanted to kill Dorian. One day Sybil was acting as Juliet in Romeo a Julia, but acted terribly. Dorian loved you because she was a good actress, but he doesn’t love her any more. Then he left Sybil. When he got back home, his portrait was different. The face in the picture now had cruel smile. He wanted to make up for what he had done, but Sybil killed herself. The years went by, but Dorian Gray stayed young and handsome. He enjoyed all the pleasures there were in love. However, his portrait changed and showed all the terrible secrets of his life.

On Dorian thirty-eighth birthday Basil Hallward came to see Dorian. Basil was horrified, when Dorian told to him his secret and became very angry with him. Dorian killed Basil with knife. Later the night Dorian was in bar. One from two women remembered Prince Charming. Sybil’s Brother heard this woman. Dorian’s face was clear and it looked like the face of a young man. A week later was in the country and Sybil’s brother following him. While Dorian with his friends were shooting, his friend killed a sailor instead animal. Dorian decided to change his life. When he looked at the portrait, picked up a knife and stabbed the painting. There was a loud cry and a crash. Soon after, servants went into the room. On the floor was a dead man with a knife in his heart. It was the other Dorian Gray, his face old, ugly and horrible.
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