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The Pearl
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The Pearl

Kino was a poor pearl diver. When a scorpion stung his baby, he took the baby to the doctor. The doctor didn’t want to treat the baby because they didn’t have any money. One day, while Kino was diving, he found big and beautiful pearl. Kino and his wife Juana were very happy. Now they would have enough money to treatment and to education their son. The news of the pearl spread through the town very quickly. Many times someone attacked to Kino and was trying to get the pearl!

Kino was trying to sell the pearl, but pearl dealers was offering low price. Kino knew that this pearl was very valuable. For this Kino, Juana and their baby wanted to go to capital city and to sell the pearl, but someone had made a hole in the bottom of their canoe.

When night came, they started to walk towards the mountains, but hunters were following them. They hide to the cave under the waterfall, but hunters came on this place too. Kino killed two men, but baby had been hit by the first rifle shot and was dead.
Kino and Juana walked back to the town carrying the body of their dead baby and ignored everybody. Kino took the pearl and threw it into the sea… The pearl disappeared.
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