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Slovakia is situated in the Middle of Europe. Slovakia is a small country with an area of 49,035 sqare km. Slovakia is populated by more than 5,3 milion inhabitans. Slovak is the national language. The capital of Slovakia is Bratislava and largest city of Slovakia. The second largest city of Slovakia is Košice. Slovakia is a democratic republic with a parliamentary system. The head of state is the President and the Head of Goverment is the Prime Minister. The currency is the Slovak crown. The national emblem are three mountains (Matra, Tatra, Fatra) with a double cross.

People are of medium height, the colour of hair is fair or dark brown, and light complexion. People in Slovakia live in villages and towns. People in villages raise potatoes, cereals and sugar – beet. People in towns work in banks, offices, shops and firms. People are hard – working, kind and open – hearted. Slovakia is an industrtal and agricultural country. The main products are chemical and machine industry, wheat, rye, fruit and vegetables, coal and a very food quality oil from sunflowers. A typical Slovak food is halušky with bryndza. The continenal climate is typical for Slovakia, because it is situated in the mild zone. Therefore, typical for this climate is that we have four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter). Better part of country are mountains and woodlands. The highest mountains are The High Tatras. There are a lot of the tourist and ski-centres in Slovakia, the famous are for example: Chopok, Donovaly, Lomnický Štít and Štrbské pleso. The highest peak of Slovakia is Gerlachovský Štít (2655 m.o.s.).

Slovakia has a lot of the rivers. Váh is the longest river and the Danube is the biggest river of Slovakia. Slovakia has a lot of very rich mineral and thermal springs with healthy effects. Among the most famous are: Bardejov, Piešťany, Korytnica and Trenčianske Teplice. Slovakia has wonderful woods, rich flora and fauna and we can find a lot of animals. There nature is the very nice, too. Slovakia has important cities. For example: Poprad, Banská Bystrica, Nitra and Prešov. Every city has a reconstructed historical centre. Slovakia is famous for folk its festival, too. Slovakia has a lot of churches and castles. The favourite sports are football, ice-hockey, tennis, skiing, swimming and snowboarding. Year 2002 was for Slovakia very succesful. Slovakia because World Champion in ice-hockey and Slovak tennis team won the gold medal in Fed Cup. Martina Moravcová was very succesful, too.
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