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My dream country
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My dream country is Egypt. I would like to go there because of weather and beautiful nature. The weather is quite mild and it often doesn’t rain, so I don’t have to wear warm clothes. Sometimes I need a light coat or a jumper because it can get cool in the evenings. But the sun usually warms us. I have got one more reason why to go there. I have never been at the sea.

In Egypt there is so much to see and do. There are wonderful museums, especially the museum of Islamic Art and the mosques are beautiful. Pyramids are worth seeing. Everyone wants to see them and go there. Go either early in the mornings or late in the afternoons when it’s much better light. And very interesting is cruise down the Nile too. We can visit all sorts of places that are difficult to get by land. There is an aquarium with a sharks. So I would like go there because I am interested in them.
The best place to try local food is in the city centre. The most popular food is koftas, kebabs and falafel. Koftas and kebabs are made of meat, usually lamb and falafel is a kind of ball made of beans mixed with herbs. It is fried until it is crispy. One of the nicest things to drink is mint tea, especially it is very good when the weather is very hot, then it is very refreshing.
So this is my dream country and I hope I’ll visit it someday.
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