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Biography of my favourite singer
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Mariah was born in the USA on the 27th of March in 1970 in Long Island. She is part-Venezuelan and part-Irish. She was having the nickname "Mirage" at high school, because she has never showed up for class. She has one older brother, Morgan, and one older sister, Alison. Her mother was an opera singer so she soon discovered Mariah was talented.
She sang for friends and performed in talent shows, and at folk-music festivals. In 1976 Mariah sings for the first time in the public. Ten years later her brother Morgan paid for her a demo tape made at a 24 track recording studio for sixteen birthday. In 1988 she began singing backup for dance-pop singer Brenda K. Starr. When she was at high school, she started to write her own songs. She also studied music with professionals in Manhattan. After graduating she started to live on her own. She moved to New York. She started meeting with keyboardist Ben Margulies, with whom she began writing songs. She had to pay a rent for her apartment so she worked as a waitress. She was fired from twenty restaurants because of her bad behaviour. Mariah began singing as a part time backup singer. Three years later after moving to New York, her debut album was released. She entered the studio to begin work on her debut LP which had four number one singles: "Vision of Love," "Love Takes Time," "Someday," and "I Don't Wanna Cry." Her overnight success earned Grammy awards as Best New Artist and Best Female Vocalist. The album sold more than a million copies and made Mariah an overnight sensation.

She was the biggest money- making female artist of the 90s. Carey 's first tour followed in 1994 with a holiday release titled Merry Christmas, scoring a seasonal smash with "All I Want for Christmas Is You." Mariah got married at the age of 23. She had a big wedding and she lived in a marvelous house with her loving husband Tommy Mottola and her career was on a high. They split up after five years of marriage. In past she had big problems with her overweight, but now it is much more better, because she lost weight and she is beautiful. So far, she released fifteen albums. The most recent one is called “The Emancipation of Mimi.” Her new album will be release in April 2009. The first single of this album has the same name - “Touch my body” and it is known hit.
Mariah is single now and she has not got any children. She lives only for a music.

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