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Should be junk food banned in schools?
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Should be junk food banned in schools?

More and more children, espacially in America, get fat in this century for the most part from the junk food like sodas, chips, hamburgers, candies and cookies. These really unhealthy foods that has poor nutritional value, contain high levels of saturated fat, salt, or sugar, are most favourite because they are the fastest food you can have, cheap and tasty. Students can get fast food everywhere even in schools. And that is wrong! Junk food should be banned in schools because it has bad effects on students.
A nationwide survey of vending machines was organized by the Center for Science in the Public Interest in middle schools and high schools finds that at least one in four children is overweight. Then 75 percent of the drinks and 85 percent of the snacks sold are of poor nutritional value. Through contracts with soft drink companies and other vendors, some schools are raising as much as $100,000 a year, money that pays for such things as computer rewiring, teacher training and Black History Month activities. And this is the main problem because that is not adequate reason. Why should children eat junk food in schools just because the schools want to earn some money?
A high percentage of teens and even children are overweight. It doesn´t seem aesthetic, it has negative effects on mental condition, causes illnesses of heart and blood-vessels and causes high blood pressure. There is greater chance to have a diabetes or problems with the joints and backbone. So when children don´t exercise, it is really dangerous to have unhealthy nutrition.

According to a new report, artificial food colorings and benzoate preservatives increase hyperactive behavior in children. Dr. John O. Warner from Southampton General Hospital, UK, and colleagues studied the impact of artificial food colorings and benzoate preservative on the behavior of 277 preschool children. At the start, 36 children had hyperactivity and allergies, 75 were only hyperactive, 79 had only allergies, and 87 did not have either condition. "Additives do have an effect on overactive behavior independent of baseline allergic and behavioral status", Warner told Reuters Health.
Even Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed legislation to ban some junk foods from vending machines in California high schools and replace them by healthier foods, including fruits and vegetables. Although that could cost school districts hundreds of thousands of dollar in lost income, the governor and health experts say the health of children is more important.
So why are junk foods sold in schools and allow children to eat it every day? That is just unhealthy and has bad effects on children´s behaviour. The only ways to save the children from lifelong illnesses are just ban junk food in schools and try to have a healthier nutrition. The schools should find out better way to earn some money.

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