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Story: Simon's Birthday Present
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Peter is an English teacher who lives in Tokyo. Tomorrow is his son's birthday and he has to buy him a present. His son's name is Simon and tomorrow he will be three years old.
Simon wants a bicycle for his birthday present. After he finishes his breakfast, Peter is going to have a shower and get dressed. Last week, he saw a good kiddie's bicycle at a department store in Shinjuku so he's going to go there to buy it. First of all, he's going to drive to the station. That takes about fifteen minutes. At the station he's going to buy a 160 yen ticket and take the escalator up to platform 2. When the train comes, he's going to get on and look for a seat. Usually the train is busy and he doesn't get a seat, but sometimes he's lucky. He's going to get off the train at Shinjuku station and walk to the department store. Peter hopes the bicycle is still there. If it's still there, he's going to buy it. The bicycle is quite big and Peter can't carry it home on the train, so he's going to ask the shop assisstant to send it to his house by delivery service. After he leaves the department store, Peter is going to go to his school in Ikebukuro.
Today is a very busy day at his school and Peter is going to teach five lessons. At lunchtime he's going to have some spaghetti at an Italian restaurant in Tobu department store. Peter really likes spaghetti. It's his favourite food. Peter's school closes at 9.00 pm and then he's going to have a quick drink with some of the other teachers. In the bar they are going to have a short meeting. They are going to discuss next month's Christmas party. Peter isn't going to be Santa Claus this year because he was Santa at last year's party. After the meeting, Peter's going to go home and have dinner with his wife and son. Then he's going to have a bath, kiss his son goodnight and finally, after a very long day, he's going to relax. The next day, he's going to get up very, very early. Why? It's his son's birthday, of course. Do you think Simon is going to like his new bicycle?
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