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The legend of sleepy hollow by Washington Irving
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Katrina is going to be killed by horseman, because she is heir of the estate. She is with the stepmother who tells her all the truth about her life, revenge and the way she uses headless horseman. Basically, family Van Tassel has stolen her home, life after her dad’s death. Headless horseman is coming together with Crane and young Masbath. They are all trying to escape from the mill. Eventually get to the grave of Hessian trooper where the stepmother-witch is already waiting. She shots Ichabod Crane. Fortunately, the book from Katrina that he keeps close to his heart saves his life. Crane realizes that the power over horseman is in owning his head. He takes the head from the stepmother and gives it to horseman. Horseman returns back to his bloody tree taking stepmother with himself. The story ends happily as Crane comes back to New York taking Katrina and young Masbath with himself.


- Ichabod Crane- main character, supporter of scientific techniques, scarves on both palms of his hands caused when he found his mother killed(he was only seven by that time), investigates murders in Sleepy Hollow, scared of headless horseman but tries to fight his fears.
- Ichabod´s mother- we can see her only in his dreams, innocent, child of the nature, murdered to save her soul by tyrant= Ichabod´s father.
- Katrina Van Tassel- daughter and the only child of a wealthy farmer Baltus Van Tassel, falls in love with Ichabod Crane, tries to protect and support him, reads loves stories, has a stepmother because her own mother died two years ago, heir of the estate after Baltus´ death.
- Baltus van Tassel- a wealthy farmer, banker, landlord in Sleepy Hollow, until the marriage of widow Winship and old Van Garret would naturally inherit all the estates of Peter Van Garrett.
- Elizabeth Van Tassel- Katrina’s mother, left several romance books that her daughter loved and kept aside from her father as he believed reading romances causes the brain fever that kills people.
- Peter Van Garrett- the richest man in Sleepy Hollow. A husband of widow Winship. Killed by headless horseman.
- Headless Horseman- a ghost of Hessian trooper sent by German princess to keep Americans under the control of England, enjoyed killing people by decapitating them, died not far from Sleepy Hollow in western woods where his grave could be found under bloody tree. Looks for his own head to find a piece in the grave as his head has been dug out by stepmother.
- Magistrate Samuel Philipse- killed by headless horseman, tells the truth about widow Winship that she was pregnant, had given a protection of law to unborn child of widow Winship.
- Notary James Hardenbrook- hangs himself, knows the truth about the last wills of old Van Garrett and that he was a husband of widow Winship.
- Reverend Steenwyck- killed by Baltus Van Tassel, lover of Katharine’s stepmother, performed the marriage of Peter Van Garrett and Emily Winship.
- Dr. Thomas Lancaster- killed by reverend Steenwyck in the church, Sarah’s lover, knows that widow Winship was pregnant as he attended pregnant woman.
- Stepmother= bad witch- family name Archer ,child of the farmer, has one sister, both parents died when she was little, had to live in woods because noone wanted to accommodate them(mother was suspected to be a witch), taught magic by her mother, caused death of Hessian trooper when he was trying to escape from danger(she made noise and soldiers knew where he was immediately), saw his death, used him to revenge her 20years later= governor of headless horseman. Second wife of Baltus Van Tassel. Kills Sarah, acts like she is going to be killed by horseman but in fact she is not, instead of her body people find Sarah’s .
- Widow Emily Winship- pregnant with Peter Van Garrett= she would heritage all his estates as she became his wife, third victim of headless horseman. Horseman takes a head of her unborn child as well.
- Sarah- servant in Baltus Van Tassel’s house.
- Witch in the western woods- sister of stepmother.
- Jonathan Masbath- faithful servant of old Van Garrett, signed the last will of his landlord, widow, one son.
- Young Masbath- offers his services to Ichabod Crane in order to revenge his own father. The only living Masbath. Brave little boy.
- Elizabeth Killian- midwife who knew that widow Winship was pregnant with old Van Garrett, told the truth to stepmother, therefore was killed by headless horseman together with her husband and little boy.

New York; an isolated village called Sleepy Hollow (near Hudson river, 2 days journey northward from New York), western wood near Sleepy Hollow, Garret’s mill, Tassel’s estate, church,
Few months before 19th century, 20 years after horseman has lost his head.
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