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Free time
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I do not have much free time. I often work till 6 or 7 p.m. I come home very tired and I am disinclined to do something. I have free time only at the weekends but my wife thinks that weekend is very good time for housework. I dislike such a weekend. Sometimes on Sunday I ride a bicycle or we all go for a walk to the city. I like the old part of Bratislava, we go there and visit some sightseeings and then we go to a restaurant and have some drink and meal. When it is a lovely day and sunny we go to the lake Zlate piesky.

We can swim, play tennis, volleyball and sunbath the whole day there. Our children like this lake and we often go there. Sometimes we go for a trip with our friends. They have children in the same age. We all go to the mountains. Our children collect wood in the nearest forest, we make campfire and women prepare meal. And men drink beer, sing and play the guitar. In winter we go to ski in the mountains. It is a very expensive sport so we do not often go there.

We have been on our holiday abroad several times. It was fantastic. We were in Germany, Poland, Hungary and in Yugoslavia. This year we are going to travel to England. I enjoy it very much. My English is very poor but I hope that after our holiday it will be better. I hope that in the future I will have more free time and I will travel a lot.
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