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Dear Jim,

Thank you for your letter. You asked me about Marienbad and their environs. It is very beautiful milieu with much interesting places. I´am enclosing a map with pictures city and photo my family.
You can travel to Marienbad by bus, train or aircraft to the Prague airport Ruzyně and then by bus or train, because I know, that You live in London, so I think you should go by air to the Prague and then také the train, because it is snuggest and fastest way.
I will waiting onto you on station. And I want to tell you something about our family customs and regime. We like celebrate assorted holidays, birthday and so on. You have very luck, because while your haunt our family celebrate birthday.
My grandma had 70th birthday and we were preparing her a birthday party. About 40 people were invited. But it was a big party. It was more like big family gathering plus few family friends. I think, that You should buy some little present.(For example: flower or sweet-box).

In our family You must get up at eight o´clock
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