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Job description
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Definition: Under general supervision, operates computers and alphabetic and numeric machines in recording and verifying a variety of complex data; and performs related duties as required.
Examples of duties: Classifies and codes data to be entered; keys from a variety of prepared and original source documents, forms, and records; identifies and corrects errors; performs clerical and related office tasks as assigned, such as maintaining records of work received and work performed; verifies data input; may help in training new personnel in the procedures and operation of data entry equipment.
Knowledge of: methods and equipment used in keypunching or data entering; general clerical and record-keeping procedures including coding, indexing, filing and comparing.
Ability to: make comparisons and calculations rapidly and accurately; operate a data entry machine with the speed and accuracy necessary to meet departmental standards.


Definition : Under general supervision, coordinates and participates in preparing, cooking, and serving food to large groups of people in an institutional setting; does varied cooking and prepares special diet foods; and does related work as required.

Employment standards:
1.One year of experience in cooking and preparing meals in large quantities; or, year of experience performing duties equivalent to the class of Food Services Worker II with Santa Barbara County; or,
3.a combination of training, education, and experience that is equivalent to one of the employment standards listed above and that provides the required knowledge and abilities
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