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Parks in London
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Battersea Park

Battersea Park rose in last century. It’s in south coast river Thames in southwest London in area 80 ha. Sport’s area, meads, lake with boats and pubs decoy mainly in summertime amount visitors. In this beautiful relaxation environment find also amusing park Fun Fair. Fun Fair’s opening time is from April to September from 13.00. Easterly from Battersea Park is device contour of Battersea Power station. This electric power station yet isn’t in plant and it is one of the emblen of London. Today it is protected as industrial monument. In future it will become recreational and marketing centre. Crystal Palace Park

Crystal Palace Park get name after Crystal Palace. Crystal Palace is of glass and it was attraction of Great Exhibition in year 1851. It is masterly work of cast iron and of steel. In year 1851 it removed from Hyde Park to Crystal Palace Park. In year 1936 fire destroyed it. In place where was Crystal Palace rose National Sports Centre. In this Sports Centre are Sports playgrounds, swimming pool, halls and artificial skiing congress. In park is ZOO and lake to boating. It is one of the favoritest place for inhabitant of London.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park along with Kensington, what feed of the west, make the largest area in London. This area has sizes 2 x O,9 km. Once it was adherent to Westminster Abbey. In year 1536 had them Henrich VIII. and modify them for kingly huntly park. In year 1635 Karol I. opened this park for public. In year 1730 Juraj’s II. wife keeped found Serpertine. Mornings in Hyde Park are calm. Here is only same horse-mans with horses and ramblely peoples. But later meads are full. Central antry to Hyde Park baside Hyde Park Corner make triple entrance arch fancy with relief. Near this arch stand Achill’s sculpture. Sculpture is counterfeit if roman original. From Hyde Park go across Hyde Park 3 general roads: The Carriage Road, East Carriage Road and another, what’s go to Serpertine. In this park is one place, what peoples use for swimming.

Regent’s Park

In Regent’s Park we can visit lake Boating Lake, natural theatre, garden Queen Mary’s Garden and Regent’s Canal. On Boating Lake we can boating. In natural theatre are in summer spectacle Shakespear’s games and concerts. In Queen Mary’s Garden is very nice roses’ garden. Regent’s Canal create north border of park and we can at him voyage with ship. The biggest attraction in Regent’s Park is ZOO. ZOO is in north part of park.
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