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New Zealand Culture
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Kiwifruit - The Kiwifruit, often simply called a 'kiwi' is of Chinese origin, but grows throughout New Zealand.
L & P - National Soft Drink – L & P stands for Lemon and Paeroa, New Zealand's most famous soft drink. It was invented in 1904 after its maker tasted some mineral water near the town of Paeroa, and mixed it with lemon to make a particularly refreshing drink.

New Zealand has three official languages: New Zealand English, Te Reo Māori (the Māori language), and New Zealand Sign Language. In practice only English is widely used although major efforts have been made in recent years to nurture Te Reo. Numerous other languages are spoken in New Zealand.

• Kia ora - Hello Kia ora tatou - Hello everyone
• Tena koe - Greetings to you (said to one person)
• Tena koutou - Greeting to you all
• Haere mai - Welcome
• Nau mai - Welcome
• Kei te pehea koe? - How's it going?
• Kei te pai - Good
• Tino pai - Really good
• Haere ra - Farewell
• Ka kite ano - Until I see you again (Bye)
• Hei konei ra - See you later

Preforming Arts
Kapa haka
Kapa haka are the traditional Māori performing arts, and have undergone a renaissance, with national competitions held yearly and kapa haka used in many state occasions. The haka (often mistaken as always being a war dance or ritual challenge) has become part of wider New Zealand culture, being performed by the All Blacks as a group ritual before international games and by homesick New Zealanders of all races who want to express their New Zealandness.

Dining Out in New Zealand

It is not conventional to tip in New Zealand and restaurants do not add service charges to their bills. In the case of exceptional service a tip may be warranted, though it is not generally expected.

New Zealanders are generally laid back when it comes to dining. Most bars and restaurants require tidy dress, but few require suits and ties.

Some restaurants are 'BYO'. This is an acronym for 'Bring Your Own' – meaning it is acceptable to bring your own wine (and occasionally beer). Generally a small corking fee is charged

New Zealand Cuisine
New Zealand's cuisine has been described as Pacific Rim, drawing inspiration from Europe, Asia and Polynesia. This blend of influences has created a mouth-watering range of flavours and food in cafes and restaurants nationwide.
For dishes that have a distinctly New Zealand style, there's lamb, pork and cervena (venison), salmon, crayfish (lobster), Bluff oysters, paua (abalone), mussels, scallops, pipis and tuatua (both are types of New Zealand shellfish), kumara (sweet potato), kiwifruit, tamarillo and pavlova, the national dessert.
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