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My favourite book (summary)
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My favourite book is The old man and the sea. I tis a novel written by Ernest Hemingway. He was awarded for this work the Nobel Prize. The book is simple and effective. It is a story about the old man Santiago who is fisherman. 84 days he had problems with catching fishes. Young boy Manolin was going with him on the sea. The old man was out the luck and Manolin´s parents wanted to leave him. He went to the sea with old fishing boat. Alone he talked with fishes.

He caught a big fish with much struggle. It wounded his arm and face. He went out too far into the ocean. He killed the fish and tied it to the side of the boat. Sharks of differend kinds were attracted by the blood, and Santiago had to kill then in order to save his fish. Sharks gnawed the best meat. The old man felt pity for fish, he could not see on it. When he went back to the port, there stayed only the skeleon of a big fish. He was detroyed, so he went home. The next day all fishers admired his plunger. They have never seen such fish in their life. Manolin, full of compassion, helped him with his needs and his wounds. Santiago told Manolin that „A man can by detroyed but not defeated“.

The book ended optimistically, the young boy and the old man were again together. This wonderful story of friendship between the young boy and the old fisherman and about strength of human will is motivation for all people to master the crisis their lifes.
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