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Arts of memories
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Arts of memories

It was beginning of March in 1861, when people didn`t know what they should expect from following days because of tension in national relations between North and South.
In that time were Union President, Abraham Lincoln, and Union Commander with their army in Fort Sumter, S. C.. Everybody knew, that one person, who really wanted to gain territory of South Carolina was Confederate President, Jefferson Davis. All people knew that there might come war or fights, that would hit their lives, and there wasn`t different situation in small town Sandersville, S.C. either. People that lived there always talked about political situation. It was the only theme of every conversation. However there lived two people, that didn`t care of anything else except of each other. It was young couple of lovers. Everybody in Sandersville knew them.

Everybody knew that Angela Lewis and Luke Casteel couldn`t live without each other. They both were 17 years old and they both were always together. However sometimes they had hard time because of Angela`s parents. Angela became from rich family. Her family`s members always got the best education in whole town. She was also educated very well and one of her passions, except Luke, was art. She was really beautiful red - haired and blue – eyed girl with big lips. Every boy in Sandersville wished he could have girl like her. Because she was so perfect, her parents didn`t agree with her relationship with Luke Casteel. Angela`s parents didn`t like him, because he came from poor family of farmers descendants. He also lived on farm with his father and three younger brothers. His mother died, when Luke was only three years old. Luke was really tall, strength, handsome and good looking guy. His hair was brown and his black eyes were the deepest and the most beautiful on whole wide world. Luke didn`t visit school and he didn`t even has a real job. However he worked hard on farm everyday.

One night Luke took Angela for trip to his favorite place. It wasn`t so far from his farm, but it was beautiful place. It seemed like paradise on earth. There wasn`t anything except green trees, grass and flowers. Flowers smelled so sweet and birds sang spring song. Luke and Angela just laid down on grass. They were staring on heaven for long hours. All of sudden, when they realized it`s midnight, they heard somebody screamed Angela`s name: “Angela!” after while again “Angela!”. It was her father. He was really angry when he saw them together in grass. He came over and just took Angela without any words, put her into the car and drove her home. Luke didn`t want Angela to leave, but he couldn`t do anything because he didn`t want to fight with Angela`s father. In that night Luke had bad feelings; he was scared. He was scared because Angela`s father didn`t say any words to him, so he didn`t know what to expect. He didn`t know what was going to happened on next day, but he was sure that he wanted to see Angela again. On next morning Luke`s father told him that he heard like people talked about Angela. He told him that he heard Angela left Sandersville and she wasn`t in the town anymore. Luke couldn`t believe it so he immediately ran to Angela`s house. When he was finally there, he met there only Angela`s parents. “Angela is not at home anymore. She better chose art school than poor farmer`s son. She knows what`s important for her future.” told Angela`s father to Luke with devil`s smile on his face.

Luke was really sad. He couldn`t believe that Angela, his first and only love left. He couldn`t believe that she left him just like that without any message. Luke was hopeless. He worked everyday on farm from sunrise to sundown. He worked day after day because he hoped he would forget of Angela sooner. However on April 1st, 1861 everything changed. Every radio station report news about Confederate Commander`s decision. People knew what was going to happened and also Luke knew that he will be in the draft for Confederate army. On April 5th, 1861 authorities made him leave Sandersville and join army in Fort Sumter. Seven days later, on April 12th, 1861; it was really there. Confederate Commander fired first shoot. Shoot that meant beginning of fight. It was a fight, which Luke fought in. Luke couldn`t focus himself on fighting. He was thinking of his father, his three brothers and he was thinking of Angela as well.
Luke got hurt and fell down on ground. He also hurt his head because of stone on the ground. Last things he heard were shrieks of soldiers and his last thoughts belonged to his only love, Angela.

Couple days later
Luke opened his eyes and saw woman`s face over him and heard conversation of two men in background:”Right, there`s no fight anymore. Confederate states surrender their fight”. However Luke was wondering who the woman was. Woman`s name was Amanda and she was a nurse in hospital for soldiers. She was red- haired and blue-eyed girl, but he didn`t know her. “Who are you? Who am I? What am I doing here?” asked Luke because he was confused. “You got hurt in fight and you lost your memory. Now don`t worry, drink this drink and get some rest.” answered the women and handled him a glass of medicine for sleeping. Luke drank medicine and before he fell in sleep he said to women: “You`re beautiful.”
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