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Choosing a place for living is very important for people. We may live in a village, in a town or in a suburb of city. There are several types of dwelling in our country. We can live in a flat, in a house or in a council flat. In Great Britain people live in detached houses, semi-detached houses, cottages, bungalows or flats. In America the flat is called an apartment. A council flat is that type of flats, where we pay a council/a rent. A detached house has got two or more levels. There are three or four bedrooms, a living room, two bathrooms and toilets. Semi-detached house have got a common wall. They´ve got a small garden and a yard. The cottages are typical British country houses. They have an old style outside, but they are modernised inside. Americans are the nation on the move. They are looking for a better job.

Our house/flat:

We live in a family house. When you open the door you can see our hall. There are many shoes, jackets, coats, caps and umbrella. In the downstrais there is a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a larder and a garage. In the living room there is a couch, a table, a cupboard and a TV. In the dining room there is a big dining table with eight chairs. In the kitchen there is an ice-box with different food, a cooker, a kitchen unit, a microwave, a bar and many cook recipes. In the larder there are many conserve, jam or marmalade. In the garage there are a car. In the upstrais there is three children rooms, a bedroom, a bathroom and a toilet. In my room I have a big double bed, two bed-side tables, a mirror, a wardrobe, a desk with PC and a chair. I have many toys, books, statuettes, pictures and flowers. I have room with door to balcony. Bedroom is mum´s and dad´s. In the bedroom there are a double bed, a wardrobe and a TV. In bathroom there are a bath, a washbasin, a mirror and a washing machine. This is my house from inside.

From the outside it looks this: our house is white color and a gate is braun color. We have a big and a small garden. In a small garden there are a rottery and a lot of flowers, like rose. In a big garden there are glass, trees, some fruits and vegetable. Nowhere we have farm, like chicken and cock.
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