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Nitra is a city in western Slovakia situated at the foot of Zobor hill in Nitra valley. It is political and cultural centre of Nitra district.
Nitra has been a city of extraordinary historic importance. Numerous archeological findings take us to the ages of settlement by Celts and Slavs. After few hundreds years Nitra was a part of Great Moravian Empire. In 1248 Nitra became a royal independant city. In medievel it was devided into Upper town and Lawer town and during 2 World Wars Nitra was one of the cities which has been atacked.

But after it, Nitra has been developping and nowadays it is modern city which is very popular among the tourists. There are a lot of ritches, for example natural reservation at Zobor hill or historical monuments.
The old town dominated by the castle. It has been political, cultural and social centre during the centuries. Nowadays, there is a lot of buildings, which has been using like Diocesian library, The Bishop´s palace, Franciscan and Pribina´s church, District house and others.

Nitra is popular like a witness of beginning of Christianity of Slavs. There are many churches which have been recontructed by the centuries like The curch of Our Lady on the Calvary (It is famous place of pilgrimage.), the Romanesque church of St. Michael in the village of Drazovce....But there are a centre of jewish religion-The Synagogue. It was built in different architectural style like others buildins.

Nitra has dynamic cultural life. Theatre festival in Nitra, Academic Nitra and Cultural summer in Nitra take place every year.
There are a lot of museums, galleries and theatres, too. The central square is dominated by the new town theatre building which is famous like Andrea Bagar´s theatre.
Many people arrive in Nitra during exibitions in Agrokomplex. There take place dog shows, exibition of furniture and living, gastronomy or science ones, too.
On the other hand, Nitra offers some opportunities for young people, too. There are a lot of pubs, clubs and discos. A lot of residents used to spent their time in shopping centres which is situated outside of town. Centro Nitra and Max are the most popular of them.
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