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People travel to work, to school, on business or for pleasure. When people travel aroad for holidays, they often address travel agencies to arrange travel, accommodation, insurance and travel guide.
Slovaks do not need passports anymore to tavel to the EU countries. They only need their identification cards. Last minute or first moment offers are very popular. Airports, railway stations, seaports, and bus stops are always full of people travelling for long or short distances.

Travelling by air is exciting, fast, comfortable, relatively safe but expensive. Passengers need their flight tickes and passports. People and their luggage is checked when they go through the customs. During the flight, passenger are offered some meals, refreshments and drinks by stewards and stewardesses.
People commute by trains to work or school. They are cheap, less polluting and safe but not very clean and comfortable. Slow trains stop at every station. Fast trains and intercity trains are more comfortable for longer distances. They do not stop at every staion. Trains on longer journeys often have a sleeping care and a dining car.
Coaches are buses for long-distance travel. They are fast and comfortable and not very expensive. In our country many people prefer coaches to trains. During the holidays, travel agencies offer many coach trips to mountain or seaside resorts. When travelling by coach to London, passengers can have an interesting experience of crossing the English Channel by ferry.
Cars are comfortable and quick, they are not safe, they pollute the environment and are expensive. It is interesting that the number of cars, drivers and highways is higher every year.

In Slovakia tha age limit for a driving licence is eighteen. Careful driving, respecting speed limits and strict alcohol tests reduce traffic accidents. Many people like travelling by bike. Some go to school by bike, others prefer cycling as a sport or hoby. Many people go on a cycling holiday. Cycling is healthy and exciting.
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