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Jerome Klapka Jerome Ghost Stories
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Jerome K. Jerome

About author
Jerome Klapka Jerome
Know by his friends and family simply as “J”

His life and times (1859-1927)

In the Beginning:
Jrome K. Jerome was born May 2nd, 1958, in Walsall, Staffordshire, England. His father was a coal mine owner, and his mother a respected heiress who financed those mines with her family`s money.

Mr. Jerome believes a well stocked library and an inquisitive mind are the primary ingredients for an excellent and more than acceptable education. To punctuate this, he goes as far as giving the British Museum`s Reading Room high credit for his own personal education!

He`s such a Dickens!
Many authors of Jerome`s biographies and followers of his works agree that Jerome seemed to be idolizing Mr. Charles Dickens. Some have even gone as far as saying that “J” wanted to become Dickens in all facets of his life. In many ways, he succeeded… But that`s all loose speculation, and neither here not there.

Blue Room
There was a very dangerous criminal without a name. He was a killer. Every Christmas Eve he killed somebody. But he always killed carol singers. So now it is Christmas Eve and two boys decided, they wanted to sleep in the blue room. They went to the room and they slept. But at midnight they woke up. When they woke up, a ghost was sitting in the armchair. They started to talk with him and they find out that, a ghost was a teacher of music. And he said to them, he had to killed the carol singers, because they could not sing well. So this is the end of this story. The Mill
Once upon a time there was a mill. There was one old miller. The miller had a lot of money and when he died his family looked in the mill, but they did not find anything. So one man went to live in this mill. Every time when he was sleeping, the miller`s ghost came. Four times the ghost was in the mill, and he wanted to help John to find the money. John demolished the house, but John did not find anything. When John was angry he went to the cemetery and he found out that the miller was born and died on 1st of April and it is fool`s day. Everything about the money was a joke.
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