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4th November 2008
Coolerská 22, Banská Bystrica, 97401

Dear Zuzka,

1. How are you? What’s new? Do you like your new school? I hope you got many new friends. I guess you have. It’s a long time since we met last time together. About so 2 years ago I think. I’ve heard that Lukáš is going to organize a meeting. You should call him. I hope we meet us there. I can’t wait to see you, so I’m writing this letter.

2. I attend a gymnasium. I really like it there, but sometimes it’s quite difficult. But at least I have a lot of friends there, so I’m never bored. I have a lot of fun, especially with my 3 schoolmates. They are really crazy. About 2 weeks ago, we were at classmate’s house in Selce. We have played airsoft, watched films, played computer games and done many other amusing things. In winter, we are going to visit my cottage. You know, in Donovaly. We are going to ski there, if there will be some snow. You can join us, if you want. Oh, and have I told you? I had birthday in October. Yea, sweet 18. I worked on a building site to make some cash so I can make and pay my driving licence. Next week I’m going to make the test. I hope I’ll pass. Then I need to spare money for a car. I wanted to visit a concert in Prague, but I had no time. Lil’ Wayne was there, you know, the greatest rapper alive. He doesn’t write his texts. I’d really like to see his freestyle. I hope that he will visit Bratislava next time. I’m looking forward on Christmas. I really need to take a breather. Just chill out with my friends and family, don’t care about my duties. That will be cool.

3. But I need to finish now, because it’s late and I’m tired. Oh and I almost forgot that I need to do my homework. So don’t forget to call Lukáš. I hope you write me back soon. You better do. Give regards to your sister too.

Sincerely Marek

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