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Presentation of new product
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of Canon Powershot G2

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.
I would like to introduce myself. My name is and I am from the developing department of digital cameras.
Today I would like to talk about the absolutely new product, which is the digital camera Canon Powershot G2.

Firstly I would like to speak about the position on the market. Then I will start with the technical details of the product the most important improvement and advantages. And finally I would like to say something about our aims and the ways to reach them.

As you all know digital photography has developed itself. The quality issues have all been answered and when we ask people about the digital we found very little concern that the quality wasn’t good enough. Our company is in the top 3 in the world in this branch and thanks to our good marketing strategy we have a good place in peoples mind. We want to go on in this tradition and therefore our new product provides the best comfort of using together with maximum amount of function. This new camera compares with its forerunner Powershot G1 and has a three times optical zoom. And to extend lens under normal shooting condition there are both telephoto and wide-angle adapters. On the backside is the display screen, which has the best angle for optimum viewing clarity and display 100% of the image area. Other features of the camera include automatic and manual adjustment and many others.
So this was the most important improvements in technology, we have also rebuilt the design so now by using only few buttons you have all the control over your camera through the screen. And if you want to use externals the camera is compatible with full range of flash, memory cards and it’s very easy to connect it with computer through USB cable or infra red port. It is also possible to connect it direct to our new colour laserprinter so that you don´t need a computer and you can direct print the pictures in high-photographic quality.

Now I would like to draw the attention to the question how to launch the product on the market. Our brand has over 80 years of photographic tradition and digital is just the natural evolution. At this moment there isn’t any brand leader on the market and we must be the number one if we want to stay in peoples mind.
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