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Slovakia is a landlocked country in central Europe. Independence won the division of Czechoslovakia 1st January 1993. Borders with the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary. From 1 May 2004, Slovakia is a member of the European Union, from 21 December 2007 is a member of the Schengen area. From 1 January 2009 is 16 a member of the European Monetary Union - the euro zone.

Slovakia has an area of 49 036 km2 and 5.4 million. citizens. Slovakia is 138, of which 2 cities - the capital city Bratislava and Košice, 2 885 villages. Urban areas more than 57% citizens.
Administratively divided into 8 districts, 79 districts. In the population outweigh the Slovak nationality, are also to a lesser extent by the ethnic Hungarian, Romany, Ruthenian, Czech and others.

1 / 3 the size of consumption of the lowlands, the rest of the mountain and valley. The most important the High Tatras mountain range with a high-lakes - the lake. More the Low Tatras mountains, the Carpathians, small and large Fatra and others. There are many caves. Mountain slopes are densely forested, occupied a number of animals: deer, srnky, wild boar, but in some areas can meet the bear, wolf and lynx.

In Slovakia, there are 9 national parks, 16 protected landscape areas. Rivers are a source and drain to neighboring states. The biggest Danube River, which to us flows from the Czech Republic, flows through the city and continues to Hungary. Other major rivers are Vah, Hron, Ipeľ ... On the rivers was a lot of dams that are used, among other things, for recreational purposes.

Slovakia is located in the temperate zone, the plain is dry and hot, the mountains are cooler and more variable weather.
Slovakia is industrially developed country, there is a significant chemical, automotive, engineering and metallurgical industries. In the fertile plains of soil cultivated grain, corn, vegetables, in the south and fruit, vines, breeding cattle, pigs and sheep and in the north.

Slovakia is also very filling mineral springs and spas such as famous. Piešťany, Sliač, Bardejov and so on. Where the treated patients from different countries in the world. At present, thermal water used in construction of the Aquapark, which can visit all year round. We have a lot of cultural and natural heritage sites, some of which are also included in the list of UNESCO for example. Vlkolínec, Dobšinská ice cave, Bardejov. There are 109 castles, monuments such as technical. Žitnom water mills on the island.
Our country is also interesting for tourists, are sought after ski centers, tourist and cycling trails, natural lakes, swimming pools - suitable for water sports.
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