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My home town
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My home town

I live in a small and beautiful town with population of about 17 000 people. This town is called Snina and it is situated in the east of Slovakia.

I think that there are lots of munuments. We have got two churches. Older of them is the Church of St. Jacob and it lies near by hotel Kriváň. Second church is called St. Marian church which is built in the lower part of the town.
There is a Square of freedom and in the middle of this square there is a statue of Ján Nepomucký. Kysucké Nové Mesto has restaurants, pubs and cafés. There are many shops and the most of them are clothes - shops. We have also big department stores like Billa, Jednota or Lidl. In the free time we can go to the library or to the cinema.

The main industries is engineering. There are about nine firms like Reamos Instal or Pentatech, but the biggest firms are INA and KLF. In this town, we have five schools. Two schools are primary. Next we have secondary grammar school, industrial school and And there are some kindergartens, too.
I think that nature is very nice but river is very inpure. In summer we can go for walks to the forest or we can frizzle and in winter there is a lot of snow so we can sled or build snowmans.

I like KNM because i have a lot of friends here and it is really lovely place.
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