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I wanted to contact you latter, but I can not wait any longer, because I can not take any more of this our situation. I can not be just a passive and do not do anything at all when I know whats coming on us.
New World Order already went through the gate of our consciousness and slowely but definitely pre-occupied and direct us into bigger fear, suffer, greed, and blindness.

I am not realy good in writning, but just a few lines will give you some clues on which you have to focus firstly. Please feel about it and do not just ignore it as a joke or insane letter, because this is our reality in very close future. I believed that we can do something about this our inevitable future which is not at all nice.

Just think what everything flows around us in these days. These days are not good, not at all, they are full of fear, suffer, greed, wars, killings, monarchs, manipulators, dictators, which came to Us from Bankers, Governmets and from Military.

Its time to tell them that enough its enough, and that we - normal, poor, non-violent, non-greedy, non-selfish, village people do not want they childish games which results are killings of innocent peoples.
I can not look at this anymore, and thats why I appeal on all of Us, who is a bit more self-conscious and who see more clearly as I all this mess around Us.
Wake up please, Third World War is in front of the gate, and she's not gonna knock on the gate, she would spread sillently, blindly with bitter taste and smell of rotten dead bodies.

Do We Want This?

As you had recieved this letter today, also many other had recieved similar letter, and I will continued sending them. First I had started with Us, who see inside of humans thoughts and lives a bit more clearer then these others. But I wont stop here and I will send these letters also in to Newspappers, Televisions, Governments, latter on.

Please do not be sillent, because you could be sillent for ever as your family, friends, and others. This is about ALL OF US, this is not just about America or Iraq, this is not about blacks or whites, nor about Hindus or Christians, THIS IS ABOUT HUMANS LIVES AND THEY FUTURE.

Who is Me here? To get close image of Me as good as possible, I will need separated Me on two stages of Me. Me between birth and November 2008, and Me between November 2008 and Present time. My first Me, I could call, fully conscious be aware of physical Me in lost world.

To explain: I was born on 12 of April 1981 to mother of name Anna Trangosova, who was, is, and unfortunately will be for few more years as a normal fabric worker, and to father of name Peter Matuska, who was, is, and unfortunately will be the alcohol loving person. When I born, I had all ready two brothers, four years older Jan Matuska, and one year and six days older Peter Matuska. Living with the father as mine was not really easy with lots of enjoyments, and honestly my brother PM does not help me, in my earlier years at all, but did a bit harder what about psychological hurting. With the father we were until my 15 years of age. Until that we’ve been through domestic violence, many - many days and nights, because of drunken father and his complexes.

I was a little boy, and I could say that I understood what’s going on around me. I understood, as a little boy, that I have own choices ‘yes’ and ‘no’, as the father drink or not, but I also understood that in their “freewill world” where everyone is “equal” not really everyone got the same opportunities. As well the question about existence and death started come up to my consciousness, slowly but unequivocally. It was a rough time for such young brain, psyche and mind, all that awareness of consciousness, and no one to tell. Just because of never-ending thought story made up from thoughts of community, about – I born on wrong place, wrong family, miracles don’t happened here, you can not change world – you are small personality for that, etc. That’s why I keep up silently with my thoughts in technical “freewill - equal” world.

Then, somewhere between 14th and 15th birthdays, I had quite serious accident on ice rink, in a speed I hit a wall with my head and went unconscious for half day. And after that, been my conscious fully open to the question about death. But, because of my living circumstances, I could just question in my head, what was quite a hard and painful, for young lost brain. Between 14th and 16th year of age I was thinking about death, afterlife etc. almost on daily basis; with not really positive thoughts, to be honest. In that time with this kind of circumstances, was a bit hard to keep up with everything around me. And then, could say, lucky me, in my 15th years of age I found drugs. Because I was fully aware of my circumstances and of my consciousness, I realize that there can be some kind of way to find a way. On my earliest 16th birthdays I had all ready experiences with marihuana as practice so some theory. And so on, slowly but surely I did time by time some researches about drugs around me and start used them.
Between my 16th and 19th years of age I went through my own personal transformation, independently from unwritten societies regulations. Wild fashion style with wildest point of view, alongside with rising drug passion for adventures beyond logical thinking. Through primary and secondary school I had flew just because of principals of society around me, but did not get in touch with them, reading and counting and writing that will do for me. I was a bit worst than average pupil what about exams and points. Primary school, except home circumstances, not much interesting happen there compare to secondary school, where homes circumstances lowered a bit (father left us, drugs comes up) but school circumstances upwards lots in some points. But I won’t explain here all situations with psychological attacks on my person in my childhood, teens times; like in home so in school either, through which I’ve been until the ends of secondary school, because this will take few more lines probably pages. (Close explanation you get on request)

At 19 years of age I finished at school and start focus on life properly in own way. On one side I wanted job for safe income in technical-materialist world to survived, but on other side there was my past, which been screaming for independence, freedom and adventures of life, alongside with consciousness and full awareness of these experiences. In this time, I was also near to top of my artistic skills, which developed unconsciously through youth curiosity about tattoo art, at age of 16th, I did some different drawings (tribal, biomechanics, fantasy, landscapes), I did my own fashion (make own cloths, remaking cloths) with which I had shocked community around me, but not purposely, not at all; I just wanted be Me in they ‘freewill’ world. After my birthday of 20 years of age, technical world went mostly under my skin and I started lived human life; it came to me reality of community, at age of 22 I had completely stopped with any kind of own art.

I wanted just some job which I will like a bit, and had bit money for my mom, unfortunately the situation about jobs in country where I’d lived at that time, was bad, and my fashion image of open free mind extrovert was not helpful at all, either. I was most of times unemployed with occasionally part-time jobs as cashier, waiter and bartender (this job mostly stayed with me all the times also in UK, also I did some certifications in this kind of field because I really enjoyed this work, I love it at that time). And because all of this, and my community circumstances around me, my thoughts in my head from past, and my full conscious witnessing to “freewill - equal” world around me, and no matter what, be still aware of it; the little money which I had, I used for drugs and fun for that day. I was something like a street freak who takes what ever comes by, I’ve tried pushed as much as I could, and I’ve pushed more on my dosages, and took harder combinations and trips with helps of psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, cooked products from marihuana, MDMA, cocaine, few times ketamine and heroin (H-did not like it at all), plus some alcohol come alongside on weekends. I’ve smoked marihuana or hash 4-8 times a day, 3-7 days in row on Methamphetamines, sometimes 2-3 weeks on it, lots different of combinations. Just do not get too much involved with really real world.

But really real world was stronger and result of that was my first mental breakdown in early summer in 2003. Willingly I went in to psychiatry for one month permanently and two months for once a week group session. It was for me more like holidays, just a bit sort out thoughts inside the head, and get a bit clearer view on my own existence. I’ve met there lots of different and interesting peoples. I’ve been through many different thoughts about my life, past, present and future, most of them was relating to physical me and my family, friends. But I had thoughts also like these – why I am so conscious and aware of everything what happen around me, bad and good do not compare, why I do not prejudged people like every one around me – but, why they are always wrong about me in they first judgment and I am always right with my inside judgment. The doctor’s diagnose was - Personal Disorder – at this time I knew it, that there is something more behind it, then just a P. D., but I could just silently keep up once more time again.

When I came back after month from psychiatry, the really first thing which I did at home was that I’ve pierced my ears, both. (Don’t know why I mention it, but I did.) After three months from psychiatry, I got a job in one of my oldest brother’s (JM) friend’s bars as a bartender-waiter. And there, my true street freak takes what ever comes by me, could come up back again. With a bit clearer point of view and after refreshing holidays, I sink into my old ways with some new thoughts about a future path of my physical me. I was a bit surer that I’m going to push it on adventure side of drugs; and my body, brain, mind, whole my psyche will have to go through lots of inexperienced trips which will play with me the games which I wanted, even when I knew it her experienced rules and conditions, and I did. With the Bar atmosphere which turns twice a months in proper disillusionment from world for techno, drum&bass, trance, chill out enthusiasts, along side with myself behind the bar (pushing drugs from behind the bar, not just drinks), it was the right timing with proper effects. I’ve pushed more, smoked more, combinate more. Usually that kind of parties were the hardest one what about combinations and dosages. The bigger party the longer I prepared myself and on party I took 2-3 times more doses as usually. All the time witnessing consciously or a bit unconsciously to my behavior against community and opposite, and be aware when need to. Otherwise, I had fully enjoyed the chemical actions inside of my body before, at time and after dose.

[For clearer explaining need to add this, my usage of drugs was not matter of physical or psychical addiction, my interest was more of deeper consciousness about the usage, I did not just took them, but I also spend some time in library to study them, they birth time, they past, they ways with humans, they reasons, they usage in society, they structures, get some kind of picture about them (when, how, what) and then use them. And compare this writings with my own experiences, did they match or not. Don’t know why I started this comparing thing, it’s just came to me unconsciously, spontaneously and stayed with me for a quite long time, till now. It was just a pure individual curiosity and wonderment about they powers, actions, properties, reasons. Or, it was just an escape from past, present and future, because of unbalanced psyche and confused thoughts of young brain. Because I had to be honest to myself and had to face it, that my infant and teen times were harsh times witch left lots of psychological cuts. But I believed, that if it was for this reason, I won’t write this letter.]
I had keep like this until summer 2004. Just with one ´sort of breakdown´. Do not know exactly when this happen, but happen this – Once morning I had visit from friend of mine, and he brought with him around 200 grams of fresh marihuana, and he gave it to me. And so I decided makes milk from it. I had got also some psilocybin mushrooms and hydroponics marihuana. Somewhere around 1-2p.m I had started with one of my friends with milk and smoking. Around 4p.m we ate the mushrooms. Meanwhile, all the time we’ve smoked that hydroponics. Until of the late evening times, when I once went for a pee and after that unconsciously felt on the ground. My friend next day told me what happened; that, after I felt on ground, I had stand up quite quickly, but I did not react, I did not know who I was, where I was, why, with whom, what for, the amnesia-like. He somehow ‘tried’ explained situation to me and then took me home. I had waked up next morning with proper headache as I vomited on my bed.

At summer 2004 the Bar got closed and I was once again unemployed. Fortunately not for long this time, because in September 2004 my brother PM asked me if I want to go work into UK, where he is. And then, on 13th of October 2004 I flew into UK in the village name of Hook, and start work there as a kitchen porter; and stayed there for year and nine months. First five months I was absolutely without any of drugs, because without any knowledge of language in foreign country is a bit hard to ask for such thing. Whole time I did not feel for need to take it. I did not go through some kind of post-drugs effects on my body and brain, not at all. I felt normal all the times. After my first five months in UK, I went home for two weeks on holidays. In these two weeks, I could say, that I had catch up with everything what I had missed in these five months. I had spent over 1800 UK pounds, mostly on drugs. I went so high, that when I came back to UK, I could not remembered quite lots from my holidays. Meanwhile I did progress in language, what makes me easier to live in UK and get a fun. Smoking every day marihuana, hash, time by time did cocaine. I kept like that until I took one of my co-workers with me on holidays to home. He was a young average British guy who liked to smoked and other stuff.

It was on the beginning of March 2006, we arrived on Thursday and on Saturday morning we were in hospital for sort of ‘overdose’. What happened, in Thursday around 6p.m. we had everything what we need it for trip – lots of Methamphetamines, MDMA, hydroponics marihuana. And then we started with my style dosages. Until of Saturday night, when probably my brain said himself enough it’s enough, and give me one of the precious lectures. I’ve got just a blurred short vision about that night. The only think for now, what I sort of remembered, is, that I had split on three personalities. I got fully back on Saturday morning after doctors care. I was in small shock after that for a week, could say, but did not stay in it. I came back to my freaky free life again. Next of my brain breakdowns was in July 2006, when I did few MDMAs in a week and I nearly went insane. It was me and one of my friend, on Monday we brought 20 pills, on Wednesday we brought another 20 pills, meanwhile we was working every days, smoking every days. On Friday night I start feel weirdly already at work. When I went to bed and closed the eyes, after 20 minutes everything started. Some voice came to me and starts talk to me that I am going to die. After short chatting about why, how, etc, firstly I accepted death for about 2-3 minutes, and then suddenly furor-brevis came to me (I called self preservation) and I had run out on street shouting and crying for help; that I am going to die. Could say, luckily for me there was no one, and after few minutes on fresh air I started realized the reality and understand the game. My friend came to me and asked what happened. I explained him, after that vomited, and after that decided going home for a bit longer.

After year and nine months in UK I came home with around 1000 pounds and a bit messed up head. The plans, when I came in to UK first, were quite more different compare to reality. I stayed at home for half a year, mostly on my mother’s account, which went up to, around, 2000 pounds (80% went on good purpose as living and gaining certifications). This half a year I’ve been smoked marihuana every two hours, methamphetamines once-twice a month two days in row, once LSD and that was that’s it. No hard core on the edge with mental disorder near to physical death, nothing likes that. Just an easy floating in technical materialistic disorder alongside with others humans lives. Through that half a year I’ve though time by time a bit about future, and realized that I should a bit safe some money for my own future, next time. At home I had stayed until January 2007, when I decided to move on and do something for my own future.

With some knowledge of language, some money and place where to stayed, it makes my self confidence a bit higher as usually and that’s why I did not hesitated long time. I had everything, experiences, qualifications, certifications, skills, passions; I was in ‘start now’ position. In three weeks I’ve send around 500 applications (emails, post) and take part in about 60 interviews for jobs. Even so of my experiences and certifications in it, I was not successful at all. After two months when I had about 70 pounds on me, I got job ‘in the middle of nowhere village’ name of Burley, as a waiter; and after week they makes me an assistant manager. But I had call ‘cheap boy for everything’, started at 8 a.m. (cleaning restaurant, set up bar, set up buffet table for residents, cook up breakfast for residents, cleaning afterwards, housekeeping, and if is time, supervisory on floor with bartender and waiter duties) till 3p.m then break till 6p.m. and come back to supervise staff, alongside with waiter and bartender duties, till the end, which was around 1-2 a.m.
Job was quite ok, because I gained more experiences, but people, co-workers around me not really good people. To keep up with them, I had found out closes dealer and enjoyed daily marihuana, weekly and a bit more times cocaine, and time by time on weekends some MDMA, just get out of they reality for a bit. I kept like this until September 2007, when I had enough of co-workers and had finished there. I came back in to Hook and start work as a waiter and bartender there, until of October 2008. All this time I had spent quietly, nothing to rough, just a daily smoked marihuana and occasionally did cocaine.

Now, I Have to mention this, whole time since coming in January 2007 until October 2008 I had that motivated thoughts about saving money and building my own future; it just does not came to me. I’ve set up new email for me in January 2007 when I started looking for a job; on October 2008 it was there something over 1700 applications for jobs, which I’ve sent to. I had occurred on around 150 interviews for jobs, when I was looking for that my one; it just does not came to me. And here I come to explain my end in Hook in October 2008. All the time I was not happy because I could not find a job and place compare to my skills. I can honestly say that I was very good waiter, bartender, I enjoy it and had quite a respect to that job. Unfortunately in the UK they do not know what hospitality and catering mean, and that’s why in restaurants worked nonqualified teenagers, most of them lazy and useless. And then, one October day, customer went on me – not because of my fault – and I just could not keep any more. I had respond it, manager does not like it, we had a word, and I decided to leave.

I had slept over in my friends flat, where from I was looking for other job through internet, once again. At this time I feel a bit noxious and was quite upset on my whole situation. Why I was so unlucky to get decent job, and what now in this time when world credit crunch come up, this were the general thoughts in my brain. As I mention the world credit crunch, with this conversation to come up at my friends flat, one of my friends he told me about documentary movie – Zeitgeist 1 and 2 – and that I should see it. And here I come on 17th of November 2008 I had seen Zeitgeist 1.
Here started second stage of Me, which I could call, awakening Me inside of physical Me which is on true path of finding conscious awareness and purpose of Me.

To explain: After seeing Zeitgeist movie, I could say that my rationality and whole logical thinking got lost. I had started do things spontaneously from feelings which generated in me on principals of my studies after true of Zeitgeist movie 1. It was like I found some questions to answers of my some questions. Briefly about Zeitgeist movie 1 – its contains three stages which does not look like have something in common on first look, but they have everything in common I could say; if you watching whole movie and do not separate it, and can little bit read between lines. A first stage is about, Christianity and they deities and other religions and they deities, what they have in common generally (author takes on How? Who? When? Why?). A second stages is about plane attack on World Trade Center in USA on 11.09.2001 generally (author takes on Who? Why? How? ). A third stage is about money generally (author takes on mostly American bank system Who? When? How? Why?).

As I seen whole movie I had started seriously searching what is true and what is not. The second and third stages were to me of close knowledge, and that makes easier read between lines for me. I’ve concentrated on first stage with such passion that, I’ve spent for 12-15 hours on internet searching, reading, downloading, comparing, step by step, line by line and fact by fact. I started possess incredible knowledge about ancient times of our earth and humans, about past times and present times (historic path, economic path, society path, technical path). I started realize that I know more than is my realization. It was end of December 2008 when I realized that I can speak just about religions, ancient times, about materialistic world as wrong and rotten, but I also realized that this my knowledge is not a lie, and that what I now in such short time is not because of my ‘free’ drugs past. I felt righteously about my feelings because I had the strongest proof – Me – and what makes Me so sure that I have the right feelings, was my hunger for reading. I have never read books, and between November and December 2008 I had read about 3-5 books (+ hours of readings on internet), which were about History of world religions before, at and after Christ, astrology and astronomy, numerology, world economic, world philosophy. I knew it that this is it for me, that through this way I will found what I have to. In the middle of January 2009 I flew home to speak with my mother about my situation and with oldest brother JM. Somehow I felt it that I have to speak with brother JM personally and more closely.

Now is the right time to give a brief summary about my oldest brother Jan Matuska. He had born on March 1977. He was not very clever what about study in school but he was more active physically. As 13 years old he starts do karate, as a 21 or around, he was national master in his weight. In army he joins Special Forces – parachute troops. After army he joins Security Company and ‘part time’ in local mafia. His passion for martial arts grows, what makes him starts do as ‘part-time’ lots of different styles. Alongside to practice he did also study. I was not interesting what his books are about, at that time. He never had money and was mostly on boarder with a law. But what he had and still got, its one of his friends, she is psychic. I met her couple of times in past, and once been at her in 2005. My mother was at her few times and what I know, I just can say that everything goings likes she said to her. But I will get back to her later on.
After my chatting with brother, he shows me some of his books and some of them I took and started read it with no hesitation. I started with Book of life 1 and 2 by Rosi Jiyu-Kennett and Daizui MacPhillamy (1979), About Meditation by Josef Marek (1989), Qi gong by Pavel Kala and Zdenek Kurfurst (1994), Bushido Shoshinshu - The Way Of Samurai by Tiara Sigesuke (1639-1730), The Secret Training of Taoist Monks by Kim Taum. These are just the books from my brother, which I had read in a three weeks of time alongside with others like Astrology, Witchcrafts, World Mysticism, then I got books from the brother one of my friends, like the Questions on Mister Ariona /Frantz Bardon/ by Dieter Ruggeberg /Hg/ and Franz Bardon (around 1950-54), The Science Of Self-Realization by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, also about Out Of Body Experience by Sergre Geore and The return Of Gods by Erich Von Daniken, browse through I-Ching books.

After two weeks of being at home and nonstop reading, I had visited that psychic that friend of us. Because I needed to talk to some one with experiences, get some clearer perspective, just a make sure that I am not going insane, and that what I know for now that I know fully consciously and I am aware of this knowledge. And what I know, I could say that I had understood some important points of life. I could said that my inner me been talking to my physical me for a bit longer time without realizing it. And I realize it, that through this talk I got my answers on my ever lasting questions about life and death. There is not just a physical me but also soul with spirit which are equally important then physical me. In a few days I had much clearer point of view on life then ever before. I started understand so much about purposes of human life, elements, macrocosm and microcosms, about animals, plants, flowers, planets etc. I was more then sure within me that what I knew is the questions about the life, I did not know the answers, but I was more then sure that I knew the ways there. Also meantime at home, I went through personal materialistic purgation and I had given up all my cloths all my stuff. I gave up because I got fully understood that real point of human being is not in materialistic possessions. I knew it this before, somehow inside of me, I just was not fully aware of this true.

Because I was reacting through feelings acts from inside of me, 13th of February 2009 I had flown back to UK keep up with my researches. I brought with me also some more books which I’ve bought the day when I’ve flew. The books are Initiation Into Hermetic by Franz Bardon (1955), The Key To The True Kabala by Franz Bardon (1959), Frabato by Franz Bardon (third copy in 1993), The Celtic Tree Calendar by Michael Vescoli (1995), and in the UK I had upgrade my personal library with the books, which I had also read afterwards one by one, The Magus Of Strovolos by Kyriacos C. Markides (1985), Astrology And Kabalah by Z’ev Ben Shimon Halevi (2000 ), Zen In The Art Of Archery by Eugen Herrigel (1953), Dialogues With Scientists And Sages: Search For Unity by Renee Weber (1986), The Complete Guide To World Mysticism by Timothy Freke and Peter Gand (1997), The Spiritual Properties Of Herbs by Gurudas (1988), Shamanism – Archaic Techniques Of Ecstasy by Mircea Eliade (1964), Shamanism by Gordon MacLellan (1999), Hindu Gods And Goddesses by A. G. Mitchell (1992), The Essential Confucius by Thomas Cleary (1992), I had also browsed through of Srimad Bhagavatam part one by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (1989), Chinese Reliogions by Julia Ching (1993), Shamanism And Personal Mastery by Gini Graham Scott, PH.D. (1991), The Guinness Encyclopedia Of Signs And Symbols by John Foley (1993), I had also bought myself Guide to Stars And Planets by Sir Patrick Moore, and Guide To Human Body by Dorling Kindersley Limited, for browsing in a free times. And few days ago, I decided to start learn Sanskrit, and I got myself, Sanskrit a complete course for beginners by Michael Coulson (sec. edition 1992. Since last time (23.4.09) I had wrote this letter my personal library got bigger about 23 books as like world religions, philosophy, holy books, and mysticism.

As Krishanmurti believed that Self-realization is possible without belonging to any organization and without any teacher or teaching, and myself could not more agree with him. But, unfortunately not everyone got the same conscious opportunities, and that’s why I feel that Shivapuri Baba’s saying is more decisive: “If you find in yourself sufficient determination to put everything away except the search for Truth then go alone; if not you must find a teacher.” And here I believe that True teacher or True spiritual guide is willingly helpful to teach the True disciple on his True path.

Hobbies and interests
Reading books, History of World Religions and World Mysticism and World Philosophy, Conscious Dialogues with points, Traveling, Astrology, Numerology, Chiromancy, Sanskrit

Personal study
Since six years of age myself been through observing of physical body and personal conscious.
The body which myself got it in this life, went through hard domestic violence until 15th years of age, through “fun” sexual abuses in secondary school until 18th years of age; this opens up lots of hidden thoughts form from past lives. Myself was left to confusingly fight with this observations with no help. – Just do not do anything stupid to innocent person – myself find out way through the drugs. With help of drugs, myself could a bit more straightforwardly observing physical body with personal conscious and “real world” around. All the time, when myself find out something more and more against the personal laws in this “real world”; as inside of head so outside world, myself pushed more and more on run a ways with drugs. – Just do not do anything stupid to innocent person – Surprisingly as more myself tried run a way so more myself understood these against laws of outside “real world”. But unfortunately myself could not clear the head from these wrong thoughts, because does not know how to do it. When was too much, myself made up such confusion and brain fag in the head, which results was three times mental breakdown of physical body. Myself tried, really tried, to run away from these wrong thoughts, but did not succeed. How could it succeed, when did not know the right way to run.
Until November 2008 when myself seen documentary movie Zeitgeist 1, and after that myself was put in front of the door with big label on it – TRUE – then myself passed the threshold of these door, where on other side is long path, named of knowledge, with lots of doors on both sides. And inside of each door is some question to answer to myself question. And so myself started opening door by door and devotedly busied myself with readings and study of: History and Present of World Religions and World Mysticism and World Philosophy, Astrology, Numerology, etc. Myself never read books before, because was too busy with run a ways with drugs.

And since December until now myself had read books as like: Book of life 1 and 2 by Rosi Jiyu-Kennett and Daizui MacPhillamy (1979), About Meditation by Josef Marek (1989), Qi gong by Pavel Kala and Zdenek Kurfurst (1994), The Secret Training of Taoist Monks by Kim Taum, Questions on Mister Ariona /Frantz Bardon/ by Dieter Ruggeberg /Hg/ and Franz Bardon (around 1950-54), The Science Of Self-Realization and Shrimad Bhagavatam by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, Initiation Into Hermetic by Franz Bardon (1955), The Key To The True Kabbalah by Franz Bardon (1959), Frabato by Franz Bardon (third copy in 1993), The Celtic Tree Calendar by Michael Vescoli (1995), The Magus Of Strovolos by Kyriacos C. Markides (1985), Astrology And Kabbalah by Z’ev Ben Shimon Halevi (2000 ), Dialogues With Scientists And Sages: Search For Unity by Renee Weber (1986), The Complete Guide To World Mysticism by Timothy Freke and Peter Gand (1997), The Spiritual Properties Of Herbs by Gurudas (1988), Shamanism – Archaic Techniques Of Ecstasy by Mircea Eliade (1964), Hindu Gods And Goddesses by A. G. Mitchell (1992), The Essential Confucius by Thomas Cleary (1992), The Second Krishnamurti Reader edited by Mary Lutyens, On Mind And Thought by Jiddu Krishnamurti, Rumi – The Essential Rumi Translated by Coleman Barks with John Moyne, and some other more. And so suddenly myself swap drugs for books.

Nowadays myself possess for physical body needs: two trousers, four shirts, about thirty socks, about fifteen underwear, one coat, two pair of shoes, necessarily hygienic stuff;
for spirit and soul needs: about 50 books (which some of them myself had mentioned already). All these, clothes and books, are in one suitcase.
Myself do not have any of family obligations or job obligations, myself do not have any possessions as like flat, house not even room, no car, no bank account. Myself had it, four cars randomly which got crashed, lots of clothes which went to charity, lots of silver accessories which gave it to the friend. About all this stuff myself got fully understood they no needs, when you find your purpose in real life.
And here we comes into conclusion which had myself produced in this last few moths, with helps of 22 years of observations of physical body and personal consciousness in “real world” full of unconsciously unaware capita.

Myself conclusion: The physical human body is running through direct action and reaction of two energies, one is wrapped around human DNA and the other one is inside of human brains most of it in cerebellum - this are our thoughts. How these energies went there and from where on this myself can just give his opinion through his personal observations and researches. And here it is: After sperm’s journey and penetrating through protective layer around the egg; the sperm and also the keeper of four elements (hot, cold, moist, dry, also can say, fire, water, air, earth) which got whole divine plan and looks of physical keeper meet egg the substance, fertilizing in to it and get started nine moths of natural creation. In first three days after fertilization the nuclei of the sperm and egg fuse to form a new cell the zygote. The zygote contains 46 chromosomes, 23 from each of the parent that means all the genetic material needed for fetal development – and here we got first energy because genetic material means DNA and around DNA is wrapped energy.

Here myself suggest that this could be one of the energies, which could be energy of strongest thoughts from human lives experiences, unfortunately mostly the bad one (let’s say, that this could be Soul). After these nine months is human physical body ready to come out. When the human physical body is born, here comes the other energy which is of divine form from the forth dimension and takes on human physical body to clear out all bad energy thoughts (Soul), which new born body obtained from father and mother DNA. Here myself suggest that this could be like this, the conscious Spirit comes into new born body into contact with unconscious Soul, and the good divine energy get mixed up with human bad thoughts energy. Myself suggest that the Spirit takes on next body according to experience from previous lives styles. Unfortunately the child development is long procedure and with wrong educations, and that’s why the divine Spirit energy is pushed a side. That’s why is now 99,9% of population of wrong thinking.
Myself acknowledge me about the after life and about divines will and his plans for me. Myself did not stop here and shows me more proofs, for me to better understand my purpose in human society.

Now, myself give you couple of examples, why myself feel that there is divine power which direct us: In numerology when myself added all date of birth numbers (which is like a code of formation of man) together (1+2+4+1+9+8+1) we get number – 8 – and one may ask what number -8- stands for in numerology, its stands for – Unconscious mind, Timeless space, Both I and Myself, Dharma – Do what has to be done, Eternal life. And when we look at a number of the day of birth (which stands for psychic powers), there is – 12 – (1+2=3), in numerology this number as a number of the day of birth, is, could say, the strongest because it contains 1-musculine + 2-feminine = 3-Divine trinity. Myself ask mother about the birth of Marek Matuska, here’s the words of mother “You supposed to had born on 21.3.1981, even after injection you did not came out for another three days. I went home with you and kept you over another three weeks. Then in 12.4.1981 suddenly you had born around 1.30a.m, almost in ambulance, it was Sunday week before Easter.” If we added these numbers together (2+1+3+1+9+8+1), easily we can see number – 7 – When myself convert name letters (Marek Matuska) into numbers (4+1+9+5+2+4+1+2+3+1+2+1) we got number – 8 – coincidence, conjuncture, fortuity - myself do not feel so.
In Celtic Tree Calendar my date of birth is under Maple tree – quarrelsome angel? – So-called ‘tree of an angel’s heads’ (is between 11.4.-20.4. and 14.10.-23.10.). Myself do not go write here all aspects from druids tree mysticism because this would take few more lines. But what is important and also a bit interesting as in numerology, is this other date of birth, this when me should born on it, but did not. 21.3.1981 in Celtic Tree Calendar is just a one tree under this date and it is Oak tree – picture of vitality – So-called ‘natural miracle’
There are a few more little proofs as like chiromancy, my whole life style, etc. But there is also one more human being who slipped into my life few years ago, through enigmatic circumstances. And nowadays he walks alongside with me as another proof of divine’s powers in living human lives, and helping me with my fears as myself helping him with his fears.

According to these circumstances myself can easily tell that I am not who I was born for. According to these circumstances myself can easily tell that there is after life. It’s just up to Spirit and up to our awareness of consciousness in our physical human bodies if we find out this after life. Myself do not saying this because we are in some kind of religion society or some sect and this is writing in some kind of holy book which we have to follow, no – not at all, this is just a pure clear proof of divine powers, which are up to us. We never been in any of religions societies or sects, we never believed in some personified god who just blindly watching this disaster here. We always walked our own individual paths, which proofs to us, that if you want to change something, you have to change yourself inside firstly. These paths also show to us that we did not bear to make money and live frightening lives.
This should be briefly enough about myself and about ‘I’ thoughts. And here myself comes to the part to explain the reason for this letter. Myself had read some J. Krishnamurti books and got very interesting into it. Just a few lines in his books open so many doors into understanding of human physical body.
With this letter myself make an appeal for our co-operation in close future.

Zep Tepi
The First Time of Osiris
The Golden Age
A New Order of the Ages
Novus Ordo Seclorum
New World Order

President George Bush in a speech to Congress on SEPTEMBER 11, (9/11) 1990, SAID THIS: "[The war in Iraq is] a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled times...a New World Order can emerge."
In his September 21, 1992 speech to the United Nations, President George Bush announced that foreign troops, would occupy America and train for a New World Order Army. He stated:

"Nations should develop and train military units for possible U.N. peacekeeping operations. ... If multinational units are to work together, they must train together. ... Effective multinational action will also require coordinated command & control and inter-operability of both equipment and communications." New World Order and E.L.F. Psychotronic Tyranny

By Author Gurudas
Interviewed By Kenneth and Dee Burke

LE: How did you come to write your new book?
Gurudas: This is the fifth book I have written. The first four deal with natural healing and metaphysical concepts. I wrote this book, Treason: The New World Order, because it became very clear to me that we are moving toward a police state, one which will be far more vicious than Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, mainly because the technology is so advanced.
History shows us that there are individuals who want to control everyone and everything. My main focus was to combine lots of different information from many sources, supported by footnotes. There are 833 footnotes in all in my book. This makes it easy for people with busy schedules to investigate this subject. Our country is very much like Germany in the 1930's. At that time, in Germany, people were very busy with their personal and professional lives and did not want to get involved in politics, so a person like Hitler could take control of their country. There were some who gave warnings but they were considered negative and radical. Today, as then, gun control was brought in. Our gun control bill was taken almost word for word from the 1938 gun control law in Germany. There are a number of similarities between the two countries.
There is a plan to create confusion and fear in our country. Then bring in leaders who guide us toward a police state. One of the main focuses of my book is describing the threat to our country as a free society. This threat is created by corporations and banks. Many solutions have been suggested about how to handle this problem of centralized economic power. One suggestion is to return to our political heritage, to restore our constitutional government with its checks and balances. At one time corporations had to exist for the good of the community. In what way are these large corporations that are closing down in the U.S. and moving hundreds of thousands of jobs overseas serving the welfare of our communities? The system of checks and balances and our heritage has been gradually lost. The states have lowered their standards (for monitoring the corporations) and less and less has been required in each state now.
In hundreds of books, articles, and speeches in the 20th century, many influential and powerful people, including many in Congress, have called for a New World Order, and the surrender of U.S. sovereignty and individual freedoms to a one world government, usually involving the U.N. military and the transfer of it to a one world U.N. army.

LE: This is talked about openly in these many sources?
Gurudas: Very much so.

LE: If this information is public knowledge, why is it not filtering down more to the average person?
Gurudas: It is because the national media attacks people who discuss these issues and the media never refers to this body of literature. This is a classic example of how propaganda is used in modern times.
Throughout the 20th century this movement toward a one world government has been marching on. This is not new or recent. In his book Critical Path Buckminster Fuller gives a very impressive sweep of the 20th century, about the large corporations and their agents and the lawyers who basically control the country far more than the people understand. He talked about how all the gold was removed from Fort Knox by the 1960's.

LE: Where did it go?
Gurudas: It went to the banks. They own the country. Fuller called the CIA, "capitalism's invisible army."
Born into an English aristocratic family, the philosopher Bertrand Russell played a role in the British branch of the secret government. In his The Impact of Science On Society he discussed the planned terror: "I do not pretend that birth control is the only way in which population can be kept from increasing," he said. "War has hitherto been disappointing in this respect, but perhaps bacteriological war may prove more effective. If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full (of people). The state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of that? Really high-minded people are indifferent to happiness, especially other people's. There are three ways of securing a society that shall be stable as regards population. The first is that of birth control. The second is that of infanticide or really destructive wars. And the third is that of general misery, except for a powerful minority." His point is population control.

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