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I wanted to contact you latter, but I can not wait any longer, because I can not take any more of this our situation. I can not be just a passive and do not do anything at all when I know whats coming on us.
New World Order already went through the gate of our consciousness and slowely but definitely pre-occupied and direct us into bigger fear, suffer, greed, and blindness.

I am not realy good in writning, but just a few lines will give you some clues on which you have to focus firstly. Please feel about it and do not just ignore it as a joke or insane letter, because this is our reality in very close future. I believed that we can do something about this our inevitable future which is not at all nice.

Just think what everything flows around us in these days. These days are not good, not at all, they are full of fear, suffer, greed, wars, killings, monarchs, manipulators, dictators, which came to Us from Bankers, Governmets and from Military.

Its time to tell them that enough its enough, and that we - normal, poor, non-violent, non-greedy, non-selfish, village people do not want they childish games which results are killings of innocent peoples.
I can not look at this anymore, and thats why I appeal on all of Us, who is a bit more self-conscious and who see more clearly as I all this mess around Us.
Wake up please, Third World War is in front of the gate, and she's not gonna knock on the gate, she would spread sillently, blindly with bitter taste and smell of rotten dead bodies.

Do We Want This?

As you had recieved this letter today, also many other had recieved similar letter, and I will continued sending them. First I had started with Us, who see inside of humans thoughts and lives a bit more clearer then these others. But I wont stop here and I will send these letters also in to Newspappers, Televisions, Governments, latter on.

Please do not be sillent, because you could be sillent for ever as your family, friends, and others. This is about ALL OF US, this is not just about America or Iraq, this is not about blacks or whites, nor about Hindus or Christians, THIS IS ABOUT HUMANS LIVES AND THEY FUTURE.

Who is Me here? To get close image of Me as good as possible, I will need separated Me on two stages of Me. Me between birth and November 2008, and Me between November 2008 and Present time. My first Me, I could call, fully conscious be aware of physical Me in lost world.

To explain: I was born on 12 of April 1981 to mother of name Anna Trangosova, who was, is, and unfortunately will be for few more years as a normal fabric worker, and to father of name Peter Matuska, who was, is, and unfortunately will be the alcohol loving person. When I born, I had all ready two brothers, four years older Jan Matuska, and one year and six days older Peter Matuska. Living with the father as mine was not really easy with lots of enjoyments, and honestly my brother PM does not help me, in my earlier years at all, but did a bit harder what about psychological hurting. With the father we were until my 15 years of age. Until that we’ve been through domestic violence, many - many days and nights, because of drunken father and his complexes.

I was a little boy, and I could say that I understood what’s going on around me. I understood, as a little boy, that I have own choices ‘yes’ and ‘no’, as the father drink or not, but I also understood that in their “freewill world” where everyone is “equal” not really everyone got the same opportunities. As well the question about existence and death started come up to my consciousness, slowly but unequivocally. It was a rough time for such young brain, psyche and mind, all that awareness of consciousness, and no one to tell. Just because of never-ending thought story made up from thoughts of community, about – I born on wrong place, wrong family, miracles don’t happened here, you can not change world – you are small personality for that, etc. That’s why I keep up silently with my thoughts in technical “freewill - equal” world.

Then, somewhere between 14th and 15th birthdays, I had quite serious accident on ice rink, in a speed I hit a wall with my head and went unconscious for half day. And after that, been my conscious fully open to the question about death. But, because of my living circumstances, I could just question in my head, what was quite a hard and painful, for young lost brain. Between 14th and 16th year of age I was thinking about death, afterlife etc. almost on daily basis; with not really positive thoughts, to be honest. In that time with this kind of circumstances, was a bit hard to keep up with everything around me. And then, could say, lucky me, in my 15th years of age I found drugs. Because I was fully aware of my circumstances and of my consciousness, I realize that there can be some kind of way to find a way. On my earliest 16th birthdays I had all ready experiences with marihuana as practice so some theory. And so on, slowly but surely I did time by time some researches about drugs around me and start used them.
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