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Relationships - presentation
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Relationships - presentation

Hello Everyone,
I would like to present the topic I've picked. It's called "Relations", and I will talk about anything that might be connected to this theme.
Firstly, I have few hand-outs for you. If I don't have enough, please use it in couples and then make some more copies, because these handouts consists of very important table of most common collocations connected to friendships.

And now I would start with the topic I picked. I'm going to tell you something about probably the most famous couple in Hollywood. They are both American actors. He was referred to as the most handsome man in world, and she was one of the sexiest women on the planet. Can anyone of you guess the names of these people? Yes, right. We will be talking about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.
They are setting the example of working together not only for the sake of their children and one another, but also for those living in a difficult situations. As you might now, this couple adopted 3 kids from developing countries, and they might consider to adopt some more.
I will talk more about kids of Angelina and Brad later.

William Bradley Pitt was born in Oklahoma in 1963, and was raised in Springfield, Missouri. Angelina Jolie Voight was born in 1975 in Los Angeles, California.
Both Angelina and Brad has been already divorced. Angelina was previously married to Johnny Lee Miller, a British actor. I found interesting the fact that during the wedding ceremony Angelina wore an unusual gown. She wore a black leather pants and white shirt that had her husband's name written in her own blood on the back. They had been married for 3 years. Angelina's second marriage was to Billy Bob Thorton, an actor. Another marriage that lasted for only 3 years.

Brad was engaged to Gwyneth Paltrow, but their relationship broke up after a year. Before striking up a friendship with Angelina, Brad was married to Jennifer Aniston. They were married from July 2000 until October 2005, when their marriage ended in divorce.
Developing a friendship while working on the movie, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Brad and Angelina denied having a romantic involvement (having an affair) while Brad was married to Jennifer Aniston.
Before becoming an actor, Brad attended the University of Missouri, majoring in journalism with a focus on advertising. He left college before graduating and became a successful actor.

Angelina majored in film at New York University. She is a professional model and a successful, award winning actress.
Angelina and Brad keen on their children, either their own or adopted ones. First adopted kid into Jolie-Pitt family is a Maddox Chivan from Cambodia, adopted in 2002. Little girl Zahara Marley was adopted from Ethiopia in 2005 as a few months old baby.
Angelina and Brad's first baby of their own is Shiloh Nouvel, born in Namibia in 2006. Since the last adoption there was one more in 2007, adoption of Pax Tien, a 3-year-old boy from Vietnam. Family grew bigger after the twin boy and girl were born, in July this year. The twins are named Knox Leon and Viviene Marcheline, born in Nice, France.

From this short description of a young family, Jolie-Pitt, we can see the passion of both parents for children. The relatives talk about couple as having an extraordinary bond. What does that mean? There has never been seen any sing of tension between them and if it keeps going the way it is, they will be together for life. They are desperately in love. This was said by Angelina's brother James.
Now, when we completed the short history on family, we should be able to fill in gaps in the table I prepared for you, on the other side of hand outs.

So the first question is:

1] what is the middle name of William B..... Pitt?
2] what is Brad's nationality?
3] complete the name of ....Jolie Voight
4] what was the name of an American actress that brad was engaged to? Gwyneth....
5] Brad was also married to Jennifer..... for 5 ½ years. What's her last name?
6] Angelina Jolie was .........twice (clue - opposite of married)
7] Angelina is a professional ..... (clues - catwalk, high style, photos)
8] Brad's major in college (clues - writing, media, press)
9] Jolie gave birth to girl named ..... in 2006
10] Zahara was adopted from an African state .....
11] Maddox's country of birth is .....
12] adopted baby boy from Vietnam
13] A. Jolie gave birth to ....., Knox and Viviene in July 2008 (clue - 2 kids born at a same time)
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