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The Quest of the golden fleece - summary
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The king sent Medea´s brother with huge army after them when he saw they had left. But Medea saved them again, she killed her own brother.
The Argonauts were safe. They came to Greece just to find out all the horrible things that had happened. Pelias had forced Jason´s father to kill himself and his mother had died too, of grief. But Medea help here, too. She convinced Pelias´s daughter she knew how to be young again. She told them to cut their father into pieces, that she would bring him to life again. As soon as they cut him, Medea was gone.

Jason wasn´t that loyal to Medea. They had two sons together and Jason engaged himself to marry young princess. Medea wasn´t happy for him, of course, and she let everyone know she would harm the new wife. She was told to leave the country immediately with her sons. Jason came to her, he let her know he thought it had all been her own fault and that she could take all the gold she wanted to. Medea was very angry, told him she had saved his life, Jason left her angrily.
Medea was determinted to kill the new bride, she sent her dress, when she put it on, she dropped dead. Medea knew there was no protection for her or her sons anymore. She killed her own sons and when Jason came and saw that, she flew away in the chariot drawn by dragons.
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