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The Quest of the golden fleece - summary
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The Quest of the golden fleece - summary

Many years ago, in Greece, there was a man, who was supposed to be a king in Greece, but his nephew, Pelias had taken his kingdom. He was told by oracle that he should be afraid of a man with only a single sandal. That man was King´s son, Jason, he came to the town in that time. Well, Pelias was really worried, he didn´t want to lose his imperium. When Jason told him who he was and that he had come to get what belonged to him, Pelias suggested him bringing the Gold Fleece back from king Aetes in order to bring back the spirit of dead Phrixus, relative of Jason´s.

The reason Pelias sent Jason to do this was that he didn´t believe he could come back alive with the Golden Fleece. It seemed to be impossible. Jason agreed, seeing great opportunity of adventure. He chose the best young men in Greece to join his company, for example the famous Herakles or Orpheus. They had Hera on their side, she was the one who kindled in them desire to join Jason on his ship Argo.

The first place they stopped was the island Lemnos, where only women lived. They killed all the men, except for one. Despite this, they welcomed the Argonauts very well, with food and gifts. After they left Lemnos, the Argonauts lost Hercules. His armor-bearer and friend, was drawn under the water by a water nymph. Hercules was looking for him and he forgot all about Golden Fleece. They had to sail without him.

After that, they met the Harpies, flying monsters. There lived an old man, whom was given the gift of prophecy. He always knew what would happen and he was telling it to people. That displeased Zeus, so he punished the old man. Whenever he wanted to eat, the Harpies made his food inedible. He begged the Argonauts to help him, because he knew he could be saved by two men who were among them. They almost killed the Harpies, but then Iris, messenger of the gods, came. She promised that the Harpies will never harm the old man again. He was really graceful and gave them good advice about their journey, especially about the Clashing Rocks. They were supposed to make a trial with a dove. If she passed through the rocks, they could go. Of the dove was hurt, they had to go back. They did exactly what he told them to, freed the dove and watched her. She flew through, although the tips of her tail-feathers were torn away. Same thing happened to the Argonauts, just the end of the stern ornament was shorn off.

They found themselves near the country of the Amazons, the daughters of Ares, god of war. They could fight them, but the wind was good and they were in a hurry. So they went on.
Meanwhile, gods were talking about them. Hera went to ask for Aphrodite´s help. They made a plan together, they persuaded Cupid, Aphrodite´s son to make Medea, daughter of the Colchian King fall in love with Jason. This could really help Jason, because Medea had magic powers and she could be useful for getting the Golden Fleece.

The Argonauts were in the city and they started to ask for the King and the Golden Fleece. He came and welcomed them with food and baths. Medea saw Jason for the first time and fell in love with him. King Aetes was curious to know who they were and why they were in the city. They let him know about the Golden Fleece. That upset king, because he didn´t like foreigners. He wanted to kill them at first, but he changed his mind and told them they could have the Golden Fleece if they did what he wanted them to do.

Jason was supposed to yoke two bulls with bronze feet and flaming breath, to plow a field with them, then seed dragon teeth, which had to spring up into a crop of armed men. That seemed impossible, but Jason was willing to try. He heard about Medea and knew he would need her help. She agreed, she wanted to do it anyway. Jason did exactly what Medea had advised him, after that they promised endless love to each other. The King was very angry, Hera, seeing that, made Medea determine to leave with Jason. She convinced him they had to get the Fleece or the King would kill them. The Fleece was guarded, but Medea used her powers to get it..
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