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Christmas is the biggest Christian celebration. There is celebration the birth of Jesus. Christmas is celebrated in many countries. One of these countries is Slovakia.

Children in Slovakia write letters for Christ child about gifts, which they want. He comes in Advent and captures children’s letters. He brings gifts on twenty-fourth December under decorated Christmas tree. We eat on Christmas dinner for the first course wafer with honey, for the second fish soup or lens soup. For the third course is general food and there is fish-carp with potato salad or another meat. In Slovakia is one legend, it say who carries no eat all day twenty-fourth December, that can look little gold pig. When everyone past dinner, all family goes to tree and looks what gifts are there. Christian believer people go on twelve o’clock at night in the church on Sacrifice of the Mass.

The Americans have Santa Claus. He is very fat. He has long white beard and he is dressed in red costume. Santa Claus comes in the night from twenty-fourth December to twenty-fifth December and he brings gifts to socks that are depending on fire place. Santa has twelve reindeers. First reindeer have red nose and his name is Rudolf. Children thank Santa with glass of milk and they make cakes. Next morning children find gifts in socks.
Christmas Day 25th December is in Australia in hot summer. Many peoples celebrate these holidays on the beach. Santa is surfing, all peoples have red caps and shorts. They are funny, have humorous beach disciplines and eat barbecue, fish and seafood dishes.

Christmas is not only of the giving presents. There is a time for meeting people who like them. There is a time of celebration birth, life and love. There is important adhere to this long time tradition.
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