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New York City
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New York City

NY is the largest city in the USA and one of the largest and most fascinating cities ofthe world. More than 8 million people live in the central area and if the whole metropolitan area is counted, there is about 18 million people counted.
It is an important seaport, with a good connection with inland; the largest business, industrial and cultural centre of the USA and it is also the centre of the art world, the media world, the theatre world, and the fashion world.

There are 5 parts in NY which are called boroughs:

1. Manhattan – the real centre of NY

2. Staten Island – there are a lot of lakes and trees, not many people live there

3. Brooklyn – has a famous beach – Coney Beach and a famous shipyard

4. Queens – is the largest borough and a lot of visitors arrive there if they fly because there is the most important airport (one of 3 airports in NY) – the John F.Kennedy International Airport

5. The Bronx – is the only borough on the mainland, all others are on islands; there are a lot of parks and the Bronx ZOO – one of the largest in America

NY is a city of international importance. There is the United Nations Headquarters.
There is one flag for each member of the UN (about 150). Visitors can take an interesting tour through the buildings; they can also get tickets for a meeting of the General Assembly, the Security Council and other organs.

Everyone coming to NY from the sea can see the Statue of Liberty standing on Liberty Island, in the NY City Harbor. The statue is 46 m high, 92 m high. It weighs 225 tons. It was a gift to America from France in 1886.

Boats take visitors from Manhattan Island to the Statue of Liberty. There are stairs inside the Statue. It is hard to get a ticket to get inside the Statue of Liberty people pre-order weeks before visiting
Visitors can walk up the stairs to the head of the Statue (but most of them prefer the elevator) and look out from there at the harbor.

There is also the Museum of Immigration in the base. The Statue was the first object to greet immigrants sailing to the New World and thus became a symbol of the American ideal.

- is the real centre of New York. It is a long island washed by two rivers: The Hudson River on the west and The East River on the other side. The Harlem River is between Manhattan and The Bronx.

NY has more than 65 bridges; The Brooklyn Bridge is the longest in the world; The George Washington Bridge is the only bridge over the Hudson River.
The city was built on a modern plan of streets and avenues which follow a geometry shape and are numbered; they do not have names except the old ones – Wall Street and Broadway. Streets run east-west and avenues north-south. It is easy to orient in Manhattan because they have avenues and streets.

One of the most impressive views of NY City is the typical Manhattan skyline – a large number of skyscrapers on a small area. They started to build skyscrapers because of the lack of space and the high price of land on the island. Skyscrapers are also an interesting sociological phenomenon as the building is a small city itself: it offers residential quarters, office spaces, parking lots, restaurants, shopping facilities, fitness centre’s, swimming pools etc., but living in a skyscraper is very expensive.
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