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My most favourite place in slovakia is bachledova dolina ski resort. Every year during spring holiday i come here with my family and friends to spend a week skiing, snowboarding and hanging out with my cousin katka. This year it was our tenth time we had been there.

Bachledova dolina is located in North slovakia in the high tatras, three kilometres far from another good ski resort Zdiar. I like this place because it´s guiet, peaceful and there is very beautiful nature. I like this place not only for beautiful nature, but also because every time i´m there , i´m having a great time with my family, which is really huge. We need eight cars to get there.

However bachledova dolina is a skiing resort, i spend most of the time snowboarding, skiing or doing snowball wars with all the kids. An accomodation is provided in two lovely cottages with everything a person may need: e.g. sauna, table tennis room, dance rooms,... that means we spend our evenings playing ping pong, dancing, relaxing in sauna or just talking to each other. But this is not only a winter place. We also go there in summer to do some hiking. The nature is really beautiful and i like walking and enjoying all the wondres of nature that surround me there. I like it there, because i can take pictures of nature and as you may know i like taking photos of everything that looks interesting.

Bachledova dolina is one of the most beautiful and one of the greatest places i know, because it´s the place where all our family and friends come together to spend some good guality time.
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