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Does Eating and Drinking Cut Our Life Expectancy?
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Does Eating and Drinkig Cut Our Life Expectancy?

I have to admit that this is a very argumentative question. For me personally eating and drinking doesn;t mean cutting my life expectancy. I eat what I want and whenever I want, but I try to eat just as much as I need. You know there;s a very clever statement: We don;t live in order to eat, but we eat in order to live. So I try to follow this statement, because I have to admit that eating too much is not healthy at all and can also cause some not-wanted diseases. But on the other hand I think that diets are not good at all. If they are prescribed by a doctor, so I;m not against, but if one is on a diet just because one wants, so it can be sometimes also very dangerous. Especially young people do stupid things like they don;t eat anything in order to be thinner. And what;s more fanny, usually these maniacs are really slim. I think it;s just the question of self-acceptance. One should find his own peace and if one is not satisfied with his body, so one should do some sports instead of not eating. If someone wants to get rid of some kilos, one should do more physical exercises. When I feel that I put on some kilos so I just eat less chocolatte, but I go also to aerobic, so I don;t have a lot of problems like this.
Let;s say that someone thinks that eating and drinking cut his life expectancy. I think that these people are deprived of many really good things concerning eating, but also drinking. Nowadays many people are concerned with their health-they eat healthier, drink less alcohol and do more physical exercise. That;s everything very usefull, but there are many people who eat everything they like, drink when they have a reason for a celebration or smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and live a very long and productive life. On the other hand there are people who look after what they eat, control every foodstuff if it;s really healthy and then suddenly they get a cancer or they are killed in a car-crash. I know it;s tragic, but with these examples I want to point on the main idea. We can do whatever we want, but we can;t change our destiny. I believe that everyone has his own destiny and we can change it in some way, but we can;t change it absolutely. So if my destiny is to live to the age of 50 so I can do whatever I want, I;ll die sooner or later about the age of 50. There are also many vegetarian people, they care about what they eat, but isn;t that useless. Maybe not.
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