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How I spent my holiday 2009
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This holiday 2009 was wery interesting for me. I enjoyed from a lot of nice and new experiences.

The weather was very sunny and nice.The end of school´s year was almost relax, I think those last days in the school. I very enjoyed for summer and free days.July and August are my favourite months, because it is the longest period of holiday in school´s year. I tried very good relaxing this time,but unfortunatelly this holiday was almost some work all the time for me.

I had to experience unpleasant moments too. I had to do revision examination from a technical drawing.Because I had to do it, I couldn´t visit my sister Beáta and older brother Jaroslav in Germany,where they worked for more than two months. I didn´t go to Hradec Králové for work too. I had to learn a technical drawing all the time. I was three days with my boyfriend in Košice in August.There I had very good time because we went out to town centre every day.

I painted colour funny animals with some flowers in coffee-house for more than two mounths. There I spent really a lot of time. I went there almost every day and I painted a few hours. I had to kneel on the floor by this activity. I went to nature for relax with my aunt and with my mum sometimes. I was jogging to nature,too.I went to the sport centre alone or with my friend. I was decorating my room alone and I destroyed my two storey bad and moved a furniture to the other place.

I don´t forget on this holiday´s time never and I very enjoy on the next summer holiday 2010.

The end...=)

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