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American customs & traditions
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There are only a few customs kept by general publick in the USA. It is important to know the reason - American people are not only descedants of the British immigrants, there are many ethnic groups in Amerika. These ethnic groups have brought their own customs and traditions which may be quite different and they differ especially about the holidays which were originally connected with religious feasts, such as Easter or Christmas.

There are some days dedicated to important persons of the past in American calendar. E.g. Martin Luther King's day, Lincoln's birthday or Washington's birthday. Some states celebrated them instead of the President's day - the day when all presidents of the USA are honoured. These all days are in January or Fabruary as well as St. Valentine's day.

Easter is not a national holiday and most of Americans spend Easter Sunday with the family. The Easter season actualy beggins approximately 40days before Easter Sunday, this period is known as Lent and beggins on Ash Wednesday. Many believers in this time remember the sacricifece made Jesus Christ. They go without something important or significant in their lives. It is common to hear someone ask another person:"So what did you give up for Lent?" Some exampels of things that people give up are eating a meat or chocolate, drinking alcohol...Many churches hold services at which a bit of ashes are put on the worshippers' foreheads as a symbol of humility and the inevitability of death. There are a lot of secular celebrations, too. E.g. in Washington, D.C., children up to eight years of age may come to the White House on Easter Monday and take part in a competition called egg rolling - pushing eggs on the grass with a cane. The Easter version of Santa Claus is the Easter Bunny. Like Santa Claus, the easter Bunny - usually a person dressed up in a large, colorful rabbit suit - brings gifts of brightly colored eggs, candy and chocolate eggs and rabbits to children. Many parents tell their children that the Easter Bunny lays Easter eggs and than he hides them in the grass, in bushes and trees. So kids race across the lawn bumping into each other and often fighting over who got to the egg first. Watchsful parents make sure that each child finds at least one Easter egg.

Then comes Mother's and Father's day - days dedicated to our parents because they really worth it. Between these two days is Memorial Day celebrated.
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