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rockova skupina U2
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U2 is a rock band from Dublin in Ireland. The members of the band are Bono (real name is Paul David Hewson), The Edge (his real name is David Howell Evans), Adam Clayton (his real name is Adam Charles Clayton) and Larry Mullen Jr. (his real name is Lawrence Joseph Mullen).
The band was formed in Dublin on the 25 of September 1976, when Larry (was 14), he wrote a letter about his idea to found a new rock group. The first name of this group was "Feedback" , lather "The Hype" and then they changed the name to U2.

The members of U2 are Bono (vocals and guitar), The Edge (guitar, keyboards and vocals), Adam Clayton (bass guitar) and Larry (drums and percussion).

BONO VOX was born on the 10 of May 1960 (now is 49 years old) in Dublin, Ireland. "Bono Vox" is a Latin phrase, which means "good voice." Bono is an Irish singer and musician. He is also main vocalist of the Irish rock band U2. Bono writes almost all the U2 lyrics. He´s often using political, socials or religious themes. In 1999 he composed and performed music for the film Million Dollar Hotel.
Bono was 14 when his mother died on the 10 of September 1974 and he lived with his father and older brother Norman. Bono claims that he and Bob Hewson didn´t get on very well.
Some of his songs are about the lose of his mother. Bono is married to Alison Stewart. She is his school love. The couple was married on the 21 of August 1982 with Adam Clayton, acting as Bono´s best man. Bono and Alison have four children, two daughters Jordan and Memphis Eve, and two sons Elijah Bob Patricus Guggi Q and John Abraham. Bono is almost never seen without his sunglasses.

THE EDGE was born on the 8 of August 1961 in Barking, Essex, in London. He has one younger sister Gill and older brother Dick. He is married to Morleigh Steinberg, with who he has 4 daughters : Holly, Arun, Blue angel, Sian and son Levi.

ADAM CLAYTON was born on the 13 of March 1960 in Great Britain. He has younger sister Sarah Jane and younger brother Sebastian. His girlfriend is Suzie Smith and they haven´t got any children yet.

LARRY MULLEN was born on the 31 of October 1961 in Dublin. His mother and sister Mary died in accident in 1978. His girlfriend is Ann Ancheson and they have three children : Aron Elvis, Ava Elizabeth and Anya.

On Saint Patrick´s Day in 1978 U2 won a Talent Show in Ireland. The band recorded their first demo in April 1978. U2 have produced about twelve albums. The first album was named Boy and was released in October 1980. Other albums are: October, War, Under a Blood Red Sky, Achtung Baby, Pop, All That You Can´t Leave Behind, Vertigo, etc.

(Their new album No Line On The Horizon has 11 tracks. In my opinion the second song MAGNIFICENT will be a big hit. I love this band because they have deep lyrics. And I love Bono´s comparison. )

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