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My future career
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Everyone has a certain future goal. However, it is hard to decide what to do for successful jobs and a meaningful life. The most valuable thing of life is future career because one's life depends on almost all where he/she belongs to. I'm still not sure about my future career because I know the fact that my future career will be my central part of my future life. Everybody wants to breathe fresh air, and even I want to locate myself in a clean place. I don't want to work in a city because there are so many problems like heavy traffic and population. If I have a chance to choose a place where I prefer, I would choose a quiet and peaceful place in Italy ...
I also cannot ignore about the "condition" to work. The reason that I care so much about the "working condition" is because I will spend at least half of my life time for my career. I think the "working condition" should fit and care about my lifestyle. I have seen several people who get stresses from their jobs. If I always have bad moods and get so much stresses from my work, I would rather be unemployed than be a worker. ..
Family value is important as a career. I want to have a great family with a great love. Most families build up their relationship with their love, and I never see this great relationship in any other social group. People are nurtured by their family, and get strong emotional supports...
I like to serve certain people who are in school age children, people of a particular cultural background, and people who are easy to work with my ideal job. Also, I like to work at biology field because I love to study biology. I don't have any ideas for my future career, but I like to get a job that connects with some kinds of biology field. Another skill that I like to use and do for my ideal job is music. I learned how to play piano and drums. I think I have talents of music but I'm not sure about these kinds of jobs...I also want to help people who are poor or physically handicaps...
I would like to make enough money to provide myself and my family. Sometimes, I have felt I'm greediness because I want to have so many things such as a big house, a nice car, and many others. I would like to earn about 1.500 € per month and it would be the minimum...
I tried to have an overview for my future career throughout this paper. Those certain settings and pictures for my future helped me to shape my ideal job. I found some certain things for my ideal job.
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