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Traditions and feastdays
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The British are said to be conservative. In addition to the well-known fact that they still use their traditional system of weights and measures, they drive on the left and they still wear traditional school uniforms at some schools, it is important to know that Britain are renowned for their politeness and good table manners. Unlike the Slovaks, they like to converse at table. The English word “gentleman” means an honest man with good manners...They do not shake hand ad kiss hello so often as we do and are famous for their dry humour. Everybody knows the English saying “My house is my castle” which demonstrates their right to privacy. They are proud of their isles which have given them a feeling of security. They call the strait between Britain and France the English Channel and the rest of Europe the Continent. The British are fond of pets and children. Their mania for tea at any time of the day is world famous. Their country is notorious for rainy weather but on the other hand probably this wet and mild climate makes the English lawns so green and fresh all the year round. People of Britain are allowed to walk on the grass and you can often see them picnicking on it...On the other hand the British are much advanced in science and technology. Many sports and games originated of were perfected in Britain...The Americans are far from having the reputation of being conservative. The saying “Time is money” and stories about self-made men show that they value progress, success and prosperity. The Americans are not so reserved as many British people are...The Americans have a fondness for grandiosity, probably because they are such a vast country. Skyscrapers in many American cities and the way they completed in height may be a good example...
Both the British and the Americans observe holidays and feasts in which many of the national customs and traditions have been preserved. In addition to various personal occasions such as a christening, birthday or a wedding, the holidays and feasts are a good opportunity for merrymaking, having fun and a good time...
The most important feastdays in Great Britain are: New Year’s day, St. Valentine’s day, Easter, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Halloween, Remembrance day and Christmas...December 24 – Unlike the Continentals, the English have no traditional celebration on Christmas Eve. December 24 has never been a holiday but on the other hand it is the only day of the year reserved for the “office party”.
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